Muslims undertrials “are killed and Hindu convicts get state funeral”


Monday’s gruesome encounter of eight Muslim undertrials in Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s Madhya Pradesh has sent social media users into utter frenzy with an overwhelming majority condemning the BJP government for extra-judicial killings.

The eight men, alleged SIMI members, were accused of having fled the jail by allegedly killing a guard. Within hours of their reported escape, they were all reportedly murdered.

Photo: ANI

A video of their cold-blooded ‘killing’ went viral raising several questions on the conduct of Madhya Pradesh police under a BJP government. Many termed it as reminiscent of the infamous Gujarat model, while politicians demanded probe.

Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, said it was a ‘serious’ development adding that a Supreme Court monitored probe must be launched.

The Delhi chief minister later also tweeted highlighting the utter lawlessness under the BJP government at the Centre, “This is Modi Raj. Fake encountrs, fake cases, Rohith Vemula, KGBansal, missing Najeeb, dalit atrocties, goondaism of ABVP, RSS, gau rakshks”

Former Jammau and Kashmir chief minister, Omar Abdullah, too called for an impartial enquiry.

He said, “Far too many questions regarding the MP “encounter” earlier today that resulted in four deaths for anything less than an impartial enquiry.”

The BJP politicians and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet colleagues defended the police action. Jitendra Singh, a minister in Modi’s cabinet, went a step further by implying that alleged fake encounter would enhance the nation’s morale.

Social media users including journalists too appeared to speak in one voice condemning the alleged police excesses.

Here are some of the reactions;