“Bigg Boss of drugs”: Visibly frightened Arnab Goswami refuses to accept Arshi Khan’s challenge on LIVE TV after Republic TV founder launches blistering attack on Salman Khan


Arnab Goswami launched a blistering attack on Salman Khan using the ‘Bigg Boss of drugs’ jibe against the popular Bollywood actor as he chided former Bigg Boss contestant Arshi Khan when she dared the Republic TV founder to name the Bharat actor. Unable to accept the challenge for the fear of defamation from Salman, a visibly frightened controversial anchor evaded Arshi’s questions.

On the day, Deepika Padukone left Goa to appear before the Narcotics Control Bureau in Mumbai, Goswami launched yet another attack on Salman by using the ‘Bigg Boss of drugs’ jibe against him. He yelled, “This Bigg Boss of drugs too will be exposed soon. The man, who’s the Bigg Boss of drugs. I am asking, who’s the Bigg Boss of drugs?”

Former Bigg Boss contestant Arshi Khan asked, “First the King of Dubai jibe and now Bigg Boss of drugs, who are you hinting at?”

Afraid of the prospect of a libel suit from Salman Khan, Goswami tried to dodge Arshi Khan’s challenge as he kept repeating his question, “Who’s the Bigg Boss of drugs? Who’s the Bigg Boss of KWAN (talent management company in Bollywood)? The Bigg Boss of KWAN is the Bigg Boss of drugs.”

Little later into the programme, Goswami admonished Arshi by saying, “I am not in the mood of comedy. If you want to do a comedy, then go to the comedy channel, Tak.”

Goswami appeared to be hinting at Salman Khan’s reported stake in KWAN, which is currently facing the probe by the Narcotics Control Bureau in the drug racket case. Reports by certain media outlets claiming that Salman Khan had a stake in KWAN had prompted the Bollywood megastar’s lawyer to issue a statement. Salman’s lawyer had said, “Certain sections of media are falsely reporting that our client, Mr. Salman Khan, a leading Indian actor, has a majority stake in KWAN Talent Management Agency Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Khan has no stake, direct or indirect, in Kwan or any of its group entities.”

This is not the first time that Goswami has targeted Salman for his silence on the drug racket scandal hitting the Hindi film industry. Several top Bollywood actors including Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan and Rakul Preet Singh have been summoned for grilling in the case.

Justifying his attack on Salman, Goswami said, “Just because a megastar’s name was taken, just because Salman Khan’s name was taken, they cry foul asking how on earth we could take the megastar’s name. Why did we take Salman Khan’s name? If the messiah of Bollywood becomes impure, then should I direct my questions to Rakhi Sawant?”

Goswami questioned why Bollywood films had suddenly become popular in China, earning hundreds of crores of rupees. The Republic TV founder said that there was a direct link to the silence by top Bollywood stars on the drug racket case and ‘crores coming from China.’ ‘There’s a conspiracy behind this silence,” he declared.