“In Modi ji’s India, the wife of a Kargil braveheart is also not spared”: Mallikarjun Kharge


The success of both our meetings, first in Patna and second in Bengaluru, can be measured by the fact that the Prime Minister in his subsequent speeches has not just attacked INDIA but has also compared the name of our beloved country with a terrorist organisation and a symbol of slavery.

We should be prepared for more attacks in the coming months, more raids and arrests due to this government’s vendetta politics.

The more ground our alliance gains, the more the BJP Govt will misuse agencies against our leaders. It has done the same in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Bengal. In fact, last week, it was done in Jharkhand and in Chhattisgarh.

Today every section of our society — be it the farmers, youth, women, the marginalised, middle class, public intellectuals, NGOs and even journalists — all have been at the receiving end of BJP’s authoritarian misrule. 140 Cr Indians are looking towards us with hope to relieve them of their miseries.

The communal poison that the BJP and RSS have spread over the last 9 years is now seen in hate crimes against innocent train passengers and against innocent school children.

It is no surprise that when people involved in gruesome rape are released and felicitated in one part of the county, it encourages horrific crimes and parading of naked women in the other. In Modi ji’s India, the wife of a Kargil braveheart is also not spared.

It is the BJP Govt’s apathy towards the marginalised that makes their leaders urinate on poor tribals and Dalits and the culprits are left to roam freely.

The central government headed by Prime Minister Modi wants to keep states under check.

States are being denied their share of the tax revenues.

MGNREGA dues to Opposition ruled states are not being given.

Special grants and state specific grants are not released as per recommendation of the Finance Commission.

Investors are forced to move their investments and projects out of opposition ruled states to states ruled by the BJP.

Yesterday, Shri Rahul Gandhi held a Press Conference here and questioned PM Narendra Modi’s silence on alleged Stock Manipulation by Adani Group. He demanded a JPC probe into charges of round tripping and reports of Opaque Investment from Mauritius based company. It is unexplainable why the Prime Minister is not getting the matter investigated?

The BJP wants complete control on agencies and institutions – it is adamant on controlling the appointment of ED Chief, the CBI Director, Election Commissioners or even judges of courts across the country.

Through the course of the three meetings, INDIA alliance has successfully held the government accountable both within and outside Parliament as a united front.

Our strength makes the government nervous and which is why it has further bulldozed important bills in parliament, suspended our MPs on flimsy grounds, filed privilege motions against us, switched off our mikes, not allowed cameras to cover our protests and blatantly censored our speeches on Sansad TV.

On a positive note, the people of this country are our hope. The success of Chandrayaan-3 and our scientists from ISRO, success of sports people like Neeraj Chopra and young chess wizard Praggnanandhaa make us all proud.

I want to congratulate all of them on their success for inspiring the next generation.

(Mallikarjun Kharge is the President of the Indian National Congress. The above post first appeared on his social media page.)