“Indian media for you!”: Gautam Adani-owned NDTV faces ridicule for questionable journalism on India-Canada diplomatic row


India’s NDTV, now owned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s friend Gautam Adani, is back to facing public ridicule for its questionable journalism as the channel dedicated a whole show in a bid to embarrass Canada.

Fronted by Mariya Shakeel, formerly with Mukesh Ambani’s TV18, the show sought to highlight how Canada had 4% inflation as it questioned the so-called poor infrastructure for higher education.

The channel also invited a few students, currently in Canada to pursue higher education. One of them complained that his university had failed to find him decent job after the completion of his studies. Another moaned that her classes had now shifted to a cinema theatre due to lack of availability of classrooms.

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As expected, NDTV, mockingly referred to as Adani TV by its critics, has been facing widespread ridicule for its questionable journalism.

The diplomatic row between India and Canada recently touched a new low after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sensationally accused India of using its agents to assassinate a Sikh leader on Canadian soil. Canada was quick to expel a high-ranking Indian diplomat, prompting India to also expel a Canadian diplomat from India.

The US has urged India to cooperate with the Canadian investigation.