Twitter claims it’s bigger than Facebook!


Twitter, with its 316 million users base, claims it is bigger than Facebook.

While Facebook has around 1.49 billion users, which is roughly around 20 percent of the world’s population and five times more than Twitter.

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Still, Twitter’s chief financial officer Anthony Noto insists that Twitter was not behind Facebook.

“I often get the question from friends [who] are like, you know Facebook has over a billion users’, and I am like, ‘well, we have an audience, depending on how you measure it, that’s pretty comparable,” Anthony Noto was quoted as saying by Quartz media.

Noto’s remarks came during the recent Deutsche Bank’s technology conference where he observed that Twitter is equal or perhaps even bigger than Facebook, “depending on how you measure it”.

The Twitter chief added, “But they only have that audience, they only have the 1.4 billion they report, there’s no other number. We have other audience numbers that no one talks about and when you add those up it’s a big number, in fact in some scenarios you could argue that it’s bigger.”

The “other numbers” that Noto was referring to are logged-out users (people visiting Twitter who don’t have accounts or don’t log in) and those who see syndicated or embedded tweets elsewhere.

In July, former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo had told analysts that half a billion logged-out users visit Twitter each month, and there are even more people who see tweets distributed via partners, such as CNN and ESPN.



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