President Mukherjee’s daughter Sharmishtha Mukherjee names and shames her sexual harasser


Sharmishtha Mukherjee, Delhi Congress spokesperson and the daughter of President Pranab Mukherjee, claimed on Saturday that a man had harassed her by sending lewd messages and put up screenshots of the texts on her Facebook page.

“The person is completely unknown to me and he sent me dirty sexual messages last night. I first thought of ignoring him and blocking him but then (I) thought my silence will encourage him to find other victims,” she said, identifying the man as Partha Mandal.

The Congress leader said she would lodge a complaint with the cyber cell of Delhi Police.

In her Facebook post, she said, “I strongly feel such ppl shd be publicly exposed & humiliated. I’m posting screenshots of his profile & messages he sent me. I’m also tagging him.

Pls share this post & tag this rat as a msg that these pervert acts will not be taken lightly (sic).”

“Police might have thousands of such cases with them. I will fight as an ordinary woman and do not require any preferential treatment as a daughter of the President of India. Police must work all such cases with equal diligence,” she said.