Delhi government announces radical reforms in education


Delhi government on Wednesday announced a major reforms in education. The announcement was made by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his deputy Manish Sisodia.

Here are what both the leaders had to say:

  • 25% admission quota is reserved for EWS in accordance with the High Court order.
  • Rest 75% seats will have to be made available for general public
  • Management Quota removed as this is nothing  but a scam to loot the parents during the admission process
  • While allowing private schools to choose their own admission criteria, Delhi govt will ensure they are fair, transparent
  • We have also scrapped 62 criteria (of admission process in private schools) that were unreasonable and discriminatory
  • We are shocked that some schools want to discriminate students based on whether their parents smoke or their eating habits (veg, non veg)
  • Some schools decided to prefer students whose parents knew painting, or music, or had reserved huge quota for sibling
  • Wouldn’t hesitate to take over the schools, who don’t abide by the new rules
  • These decisions have been taken in order to make admission process in private schools transparent and pro-people
  • In December Delhi government had directed schools to set their admission criteria themselves but make the process transparent