Right-wing troll followed by PM Modi gives dangerous communal twist to Chennai techie murder, posts graphic images


A right-wing hatemonger followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter has made a dangerous attempt to add communal angle to the murder of an Infosys techie in Chennai.

The young IT executive, Swathi, was hacked to death on a railway platform in Chennai. Her parents alleged that their daughter was being stalked by the person, who may have brutally hacked her to death. 

But, while investigating agencies may nab Swathi’s killer and establish the real motive behind the murder, this Chennai based BJP troll (above) has given a dangerous twist to the murder. He’s concluded that the murderer belonged to a certain community implying that the motive of the murder was communal.

He also posted a graphic image of Swathi’s body lying in the pool of blood. We’ve decided to blur the image because of poor taste and decency.

Ramki, whose claim to fame includes being followed by PM Modi, tweeted, “Daylight ISIS type beheading of a Hindu IT Professional By a Muslim in Chennai. #JusticeForSwathi Why Media Silent?”

Modi has always been under fire for following the vicious trolls, who often spread hate messages and abuse women and girls on Twitter. But, the widespread criticism has made little difference as the prime minister continues to endorse the actions, often illegal, of these trolls by following them. In Ramki’s case, he’s followed by Modi both from @narendramodi and @narendramodi_in handles on the microblogging site.

Here are some social media reactions to Ramki’s dangerous action:

On Twitter:


On Facebook

Pratik Sinha (Who brought this to light through his Facebook page): This man is spreading dangerous rumours on Twitter about the religious identity of the person who was involved in the dastardly murder at the Chennai railway station. While police has not said anything to this effect, these rumours are being spread by many right wing twitter handles and websites to invoke communal hatred. Not surprisingly, he is followed by Narendra Modi on Twitter and has pictures with Gen VK Singh.

M Rahman Syed- Not only him..actor Rajinis saadu ygee.Mahendra also written hatred post against Muslims on this killing. He says , swathi belongs to high caste that’s y media is silent ..Further he mentioned killer name is bilal malik. He insulted dalit, communist, diravidiyan party leaders.

Btw He joined bharat jalao party last year and his daughter appointed as bjp’s tamil nadu educational wing head few months ago. .another Manusmiriti irani in making

Shubham Ghosh: An innocent girl got murdered , some RSS fellow makes it abt religion and u sheep’s here are entertaining his thoughts n defending Muslims, how many of h know her ,is her death that worthless for people to make it about religion now by entertaining ppl like Ramki here, do none of you even the admin feel two bits of compassion abt her death , is this actually a propaganda page meant for attacking and defending religions?

Vijay Raj Kumar: Feel the police needs to probe Ramki, in all likelihood could be done at the behest of a political party. karnataka being the exception BJP is finding it hard to make inroads in south, these politicians can go to any length to achieve their goals.
Akshay Singh: This is their old strategy, creating fear in the minds of Hindus against Muslims. Some of my relatives posted such kind of posts before 2014 elections, I tried to tell them the truth but it was of no use, they are totally brainwashed, or maybe they don’t have brains.
Naidu Kare : CM will take care of it. She will never allow such communal hatred to raise its head.
Daniel Edwin: Strange as it may seem, no amount of learning can cure stupidity, and formal education positively fortifies it.
How very true.