Shocking video of JNU students’ being abused in Delhi cinema goes viral


A shocking video of JNU students being abused and called anti-nationals by allegedly right-wing supporters in south Delhi has now gone viral on social media.

In the video, shot at south Delhi’s Priya Cinema complex on Wednesday, JNU students can be seen being abused with ‘anti-national’ and ‘Pakistani’ slur.

The students reportedly had gone there to watch a movie when the incident took place.

The abusers are also seen using obscene gestures against the JNU students with one of them yelling and raising middle finger in the air.

This shocking video has come to light barely six months after the JNU “sedition” controversy in February.

Not too long ago, the Left leabing student union leaders had inflicted a humiliating defeat to the BJP’s student body ABVP, which suffered a near annihilation by losing all four seats.

As expected, this has now become a dominating topic of social media conversation with an overwhelming majority of users condemning the incident.

Here are some of the reactions :

Sufyan Sadiq: Arnab Goswami has a predecessor. How could you miss Modi; to me he is the one singular point responsible for setting in all illnesses in the Indian society. From electioneering with below the belt, to uncivilized name calling of opponents, to lampooning wives and women, to brash display of allegiance to businessmen, to abuse of power, to maiming and murdering fellow citizens for food and faith … you name any ill Modi fits in. It’s he who has set out the inner devil in these youths and the bloody Arnab Goswamis.

Kavita Krishnan: But the great thing on this occasion was that all others in the public witnessing this, remained completely with the JNU students and showed not an iota of support for these two drunken louts, and the JNU students engaged these two sensibly and dressed them down v successfully. So I guess Arnab, Zee and so on only have a limited impact 🙂

Aarif Baig: Really disappointed to see that this government is hell bound to divide the country, and so far i must admit they have been successful in doing so, Dark days for my country..

Noor Noor: These guys calling JNU students antinational,Pakistani,,,,,,they remember Pakistan more than any Indian. They are spiting venom against fellow Indians….shame on them

Ullekh NP: I was there at that time. We had just come out after watching Pink. I really was taken aback. This was taken by my wife Aekta Kapoor. The original video is much longer and these guys were deliberately playing to the gallery to incite certain latent nationalist (in quotes) sentiments.

Vikas Tripathi: I think criminals like Arnab Gau-Swami don’t have a conscience

Aekta Kapoor: This was at Priya market last night. They were heckling JNU’s students who were there for a movie.

Ajayae Komal Rana: Isn’t it amazing Modi-Democracy? And of course his mitrons Arnab Goswami and Bhakts.

Rak Esh: Sanghi scum will disown this just like they say Godse is not RSS man. But the leadership will be rewarded for successfully percolating poison deep into the veins of society,slowly but steadily.

Ashish Maharishi:  कुछ नहीं हो सकता है हमारे मुल्क का।

Bharat Mayekar: Its the official campaign of those in power. These channels are foot soldiers at front of it.