“Congratulations America you did it. Trump is about to grab us all by the p****”


Donald Trump on Wednesday created history by winning the US Presidential polls by beating his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton. His victory came in sharp contrast to how pollsters had predicted the outcome of this presidential polls.

Trump reached the magic number of 270 electoral college votes without much of a fight. What did the trick for Trump, 70, was his surprisingly spectacular performance in key battleground states including Florida, Iowa, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina and Michigan.

Trump’s campaign was mired with controversies as dozens of women came forward to allege how he had sexually assaulted them in the past.

An audio later surfaced showing Trump brag about his sexuality and he loved to treat women as sex objects.

With these developments in mind, Twitter users have been quick to sarcastically ‘congratulate America’ for electing Trump as their new president.

Here are some of the reactions;