Noida dist admin orders inspection of petrol dispensing


The district administration today ordered inspection of petrol dispensing machines of the petrol pumps to check if any chip has been installed in them to dispense fuel less than the stipulated quantity.

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District Magistrate B N Singh has ordered for the inspection of all petrol pumps in the district and three teams, headed by a SDM-level officer, would be formed for the purpose, an official said.

The others members of the raiding team would be a DSP- level police officer, a district supply officer, weights and measurement officer, petroleum company officer and representative from the petrol pumping machine supply company representative.

Teams would be inspecting the machines to find if any chip is installed in it and it has remote control or not. Also to find if any pump had chip installed but no remote control.

The third point on which the team will focus is to check if chip has been removed and its mark is present on board to confirm there was chip which was removed after inspections were ordered.

SDM Dadri Amit Kumar Singh will head Dadri team, Noida City Magistrate Ramanuj Singh Noida team and the third team would be headed by Deputy Collector Vivek Srivastava.