Mother’s Day gift — ‘Maa’ to watch on mid-day meal for school

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It’s a Mother’s Day gift for lakhs of children and their moms in Uttar Pradesh. ‘Maa’ will now keep an eye on mid-day meals served to students in state-run primary schools to ensure that they get nutritious food prepared in hygienic conditions.

“In view of a number of complaints related to quality of mid-day meal being served in primary schools, there will be ‘maa’ in every school. It will be a committee of six mothers, from all sections of society, whose students are studying in that school,” UP Basic Education Minister Anupma Jaiswal told PTI today.

From cleanliness in kitchen, to quality of food being served to children, they will keep an eye on minute details, he said.

The state government is expecting a change in atmosphere of primary schools this session with directives being issued for punctuality of teachers and introduction of new uniforms and school bags, she said here.


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