Unable to get cash, villagers block traffic in UP


Upset over the lack of money at banks even after 22 days of demonetisation, villagers at Bilaspur in Greater Noida on Wednesday blocked the Noida-Sikandrabad road, affecting traffic for more than an hour.

Reportedly the banks at Mandi Shyam Nagar in Dankaur displayed a ‘no cash’ notice and when the villagers reached there they were left agitated.

Locals said the villagers then closed the banks’ gates from outside and held protest even as some of them blocked traffic on the Noida-Sikandrabad road.

For one and half hour traffic was affected. Senior police officers reached site and pacified the villagers after which the blockade was lifted.

“For the last three days I have been visiting the bank to withdraw Rs 2,000 but am unable to get the money. Banks claim they are not getting cash. The ATMs too are without cash,” said one of the villagers, Dharam Bhati.

Another villager, Raje, alleged, “Bank officials give money to their known persons out of turn while the common man after standing in queue for hours was told there was no cash and was sent back.”

At Udyog Bandhu meeting held today at DM camp office in Noida, some industrialists raised the problems emerging due to demonetisation before the district magistrate N P Singh.

“Small industries’ production was affected. Though the government has allowed withdrawal of Rs 50,000 from current accounts but bank officials are refusing such withdrawals, saying there was no cash at banks,” they claimed.

(With inputs from PTI)

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