Zee News owner Subhash Chandra wants life-ban for NDTV


Zee News owner Subhash Chandra has justified the one-day ban on NDTV India adding that the government ought to have imposed a life ban on the channel.

Chandra, who was elected to Rajya Sabha on BJP support, tweeted, “One day ban on NDTV is an injustice. This is an inadequate punishment. The channel should have been banned for life for playing with the security of the country. I also believe that if NDTV goes to court, they will face rebuke even there.”

He said that the NDTV and other channels were silent when there was a talk of banning Zee News during the UPA government.

He said, “When there was a talk of banning Zee during the UPA regime, then NDTV and other so-called intellectuals had adopted a silence. Editors Guild too had kept quiet. But today, some people are terming it an Emergency like situation. Does the country’s security have no importance?”

Chandra concluded by saying that there ‘can’t be two opinions’ on national security.

Not so long ago, Chandra had made a desperate plea on a live TV clarifying that his channel had no biases in favour of the BJP. His comments were necessitated in the face of growing criticism for the channel’s biased coverage in favour of the BJP.

The editor of Zee News, Sudhir Chaudhary, was caught on tape allegedly asking for Rs 100 crore extortion from industrialist Naveen Jindal during UPA regime. Chaudhary with his former colleague Samir Ahluwalia was sent to Tihar jail briefly. Both are currently out on bail, while Ahluwalia has since left the channel.

As CEO of Live India TV, Chaudhary was responsible for commissioning a ‘sting’ about a Delhi school teacher, Uma Khurana, accusing her of running a prostitution racket and inducting school kids into it.

This led to her being publicly lynched by the parents, her arrest and complete humiliation. It was later found that the sting was done to settle scores and the accusations were false.

The Centre’s Modi government had recently imposed a one-day ban on NDTV India channel for its coverage on Pathankot attack. The decision has drawn widespread condemnation from members of civil society and media fraternity.

Janta Ka Reporter has decided to go offline for an hour on 9 November, when NDTV India is expected to remain off-air.