Zee is not BJP channel: Owner Subhash Chandra makes desperate plea on live TV after Kejriwal govt files criminal case


Zee News chairman, Subhash Chandra, on Monday took an extraordinary step by appearing on live TV to make a desperate plea on the perceived biases of his news channel in favour of the BJP.

He appeared on Zee news’ prime time show DNA, presented by anchor Sudhir Chaudhary, seeking to clarify that his was not a BJP channel as being alleged on social media.

Chandra appearing on his news channel to speak for over 10 minutes assumes significance in light of the criminal case being filed by Delhi’s Arvind Kejriwal government against the channel on Monday.

Chandra sought to distance his channel’s allegiance from the saffron party while showering praises on Narendra Modi and his government in the same breath.

Addressing the BJP supporters, he said that they ought to have understood that his was not the saffron party’s mouthpiece.

Delhi government on Monday had ordered criminal action against the three news channels, who allegedly broadcast doctored videos on the JNU Students’ Union leader Kanhaiya Kumar.

The order, according to a top government source, was issued by the deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia, who also holds the Revenue portfolio.

It was the revenue ministry, under whom the probe into alleged fake videos was being carried out.

The source said, “Yes, the minister has ordered taking criminal action against the guilty channel. One of the channels against whom action has been ordered is Zee News.”

Chandra’s clarification aside, he’s never hidden his public association with the BJP. He had actively campaigned for the saffron party candidate in Hissar during the Lok Sabha elections in 2014.

While talking to media on 10 September 2014, Chandra had confessed, “I have a relation with the BJP over last the two decades.”

On Monday night, however, he chose to imply that his friendship with BJP leaders was as normal an occurrence as his friendship with leaders from the Congress party.

A source in Zee news told jantakareporter.com that the developments of the last few days particularly the news that the channel had allegedly run doctored video has left Chandra extremely nervous.

The Delhi government’s decision to initiate criminal proceedings has only compounded his woes.

Chandra and his team, according to the sources in Zee, are also perturbed by the increasingly negative press over its fast deteriorating reputation.

  • One single ZEE news if banned, will force the others to fall in line. Media is supposed to be the 4th pillar of democracy. And Indian media got corrupted by the payments made by BJP. This needs to be stopped at any cost.

    • Raj

      if BJP is doing the same thing like Congress, if what you are saying is correct. In Congress rule they use to eliminate them if you oppose them.

      But what you are saying is not believable.

  • kautilya_in

    Doctored videos dikhate ho, mafi bhi nahi maangte jab sach bahar aaye, aur apne aap ko deshbhakt kehte ho? Sabse bade traitors ho.

  • Praful Tyagi

    he is the most shameless guy in news portal. Actually the whole zee team is shameless and lies 24×7.

  • Aniruddha Sikder

    haha…this message indeed proves that zee news is bjp’s channel

  • Dexter Morgan

    Fatgayi? Ye news channel ko saala ban kar dena chahiye. Subhas Chandra – pehle ye bataa tune LS ki ticket seek ki thi BJP ki Haryana se jo tujhe mili bhi nahi fir tune campaign kiya, tera saathi Sudhir Tihar hoke aaya ab jab ijjat mitti main mil rahi hai to bheek maang raha hai 😀

  • Mohammad Tajuddin

    Desperate move by Subhash. I hope Zee news is banned.

  • Imagine Dragons

    Well AK49 has no power over any enforcement agency, he ordered truth from Truth Labs, let him do anything, he has to go through Court to get hold of Zeenews, probably Times Now and NewsX

    • Haridas Mandal

      This is the true posn. BJP led govt at the centre will carry on.

      • Imagine Dragons

        Oh so as I said that #AK49 can’t do anything, can’t use private investigation agency like Truth labs to distort truth and have to go through Court and BJP is also doing everything according to Constitution and Court so Democracy is in danger ??

        Come one man, Democracy was in danger during emergency, when Constitution and Court was suspended!!

      • Imagine Dragons

        And by the way Congress looted for 60 years, they have more money to employ more trolls, they are doing it!!

        • prion

          Every body does #2 in the morning don’t be in denial by saying toilet was occupied so you couldn’t….Stop citing mistakes of congress when accused of similar errors.I am an Indian not a troll don’t be a concrete Head

          • Imagine Dragons

            I am no concrete head and I know that 60 years mistake can’t be fixed in 2 years and I am not hearing 2 lakh crore scams everyday, Govt is actually digging out scams, Vijay Malya case is not lost, he replied, so somehow I think he doesn’t want to live life as refugee, black money outgoing stopped, incoming started, Saying BJP and Congress is same is hilarious, BJP can beat Congress in performance any day, as for opposition, have you seen them grilling the ruling party with anything other than intolerance debate, mostly no, award wapsi, intolerance debate etc are their only weapons means the Govt is doing well, read about, I am no troll either, I am being practical here, I mean if we can give Congress 10 years then certainly we can extend that courtesy to BJP

          • prion

            Well It’s a government by the majority and let’s give BJP a chance fair enough. Let’s see Malaya was a congress stooge let loose by BJP.To say that BJP is always right and congress is always wrong is wrong. Ok Mallaya will come back I agree with you else I will be labelled anti national for disagreing with you.

          • Imagine Dragons

            Gist of what I said is that I will give NDA fair chance as we gave to Congress and will see what they do, well its good to see you didn’t opposed my comparison on BJP and Congress’s performance, about crushing dissent, what BJP did is constitutionally right, what else do you expect a Govt should do in the face of a clarion call of balkanization of India, not giving them Bharat Ratna I suppose like Jawahar, Indira gave themselves during their tenure, I said Vijay Mallya will come back because he is not missing, he tweeted from his verified account, yeah he somehow got out of the country and its totally BJP’s fault, whether they correct it or not can be seen in the future but for now I am enjoying the calm of not hearing lakhs of crores of scam everyday!! By the way you are entitled to your opinion same as me, you can criticize Narendra Modi/BJP/RSS as much as you want, its a free country and its not emergency, some so called students called Narendra Modi dalla, Bhadwa on open road, nothing happened, so its no big deal and they said this Govt is Fascist, none is calling Anti-national for that, those who are giving clarion call of balkanization of India are being called Anti-Nationals!!

      • munir

        Fake channel…only way to ban this channel is talk to cabel operators to remove this channel from your subsribtion. Hadd hoti hai partiality ki…

  • Shivani

    lol even BJP die fan supporter thinks zee news bjp lapdog…

  • Shivani

    shut zee news.. its most biased news channel.. other news channel like times , india tv blah blah have soft corner for bjp too but atleast they show critisizm of bjp sometimes.. but zee news pure biases.. i dont even call it news channel.. i think its advertising channel of BJP n tihari sudhir choudhary n rest zzee news dogs BJP spokesman

  • Shivani

    but fact is no one take zee news seriously..remember durinh bihar election they predicted 200+ for BJP

  • Vir Rawlley

    Sadly this is the profile of a BJP/RSS bhakt, dumb. Fortunately the World has evolved to a higher dimension, and now fewer will be born…. compare numbers in RSS clones, even take the General Election figures of 31 %, and many have left that percentage. The shamelessness of targeting students and dissent. And Subhash Chandra, cunningly attempts to dodge the doctoring and airing of the video by drawing attention to asking whether the slogans are are anti Hindustan (note how he earlier stumbled from Hindu to a more secular Hindustan). And a person dumbed by preconceived notions/brain-washing does not even recognise the evasion. Let us just forget Zee as a News Channel.

  • shashank

    Man ki baat version 2

  • Bhagawana Ram Upadhyay

    Abhay Dubey ‏@RoflCritic 6h6 hours ago

    “मैं भी एक माँ हूँ” संसद में भावुक होकर TRP लो और कोई गाड़ी के निचे आ गया तो उसे अस्पताल ले जाना जरूरी नहीं समझा। जनता के फर्जी सेवक

  • Bhagawana Ram Upadhyay

    मीडिया,नेता,लोकसेवको ज़रा सोचो,देश बचेगा तो आप बचोगे.देश की भोली-भाली जनता की भावनाओ से मत खेलो.सत्य,न्याय की स्थापना के लिए सब कुच्छ भी करो.वरना देश डूबने के कगार पर खड़ा है. देशद्रोहियो,भ्रष्टाचारियो को संसद से कोसो दूर दफ़न करदो ताकि लोकतंत्र के मंदिर पर इनकी काली छाया भी न पड़े. सत्य और न्याय के मलिक की जय हो.

  • Sharad Jaikar

    It’s pro BJP channel, it’s all news in favour for modi and bjp only. Sudhir chaudhary and Zee new taking the revenge Jinddal’s sting operation on blackmailing

  • pankaj chopra

    Zee news must get a lesson now. Abhi nahi to kabhi nahi. Zee has crossed all the limits. He has made our 4th Pillar weak. People of this country has stopped believing media. Which is dangerous. Zee news is rather behaving like Deshdrohi. Aaj desh mai Jo aag lagi he Deshbhagti Aur Deshdrohi ki woh Zee News ki lagaai Hui he. Yeh dono words uskai hi paida kiye huai he. Iski jaanch karva k dekh lo. Jai hind

  • Sharad Gurung

    well Histroy mai in sabka naam kale akshro mai likha jaega. Jaise Vibhisan, Jaichand, Mir Jafar, Jai Gopal, Raj Vohra, Phaninder Gosh and Sobha Singh

  • Sarang Pitale

    Bitter truth is other news channels, journalists, and political parties could not digest the immense popularity of both zee news and prime minister Narendra Modi. All round attack on Modi and journalist who are exposing the hypocrisy of anti Modi forces. Kudos to you Narendra Modi and Zee News.
    Now AAPtards and congi darbaris can attack me like they always do. Good Bye

    • _praharaj

      Tu yaar kahin aur se “Pitale” …

    • Suraj Supekar

      This News is one sided , I watched that episode and what chandra said. He accepted relation ship with both congress and BJP not only BJP. Sarang is correct , Zee News is better than AAP and Aaj Tak.

      • Vikas Jain

        This Subhash Chandra is so corrupted that he sold Parmal in the name of Basmati Rice to Soviet Union when Rajeev gandhi was PM. He mentioned that in his biography book that how he became Rich guy by looting Poor Russians. His channel should be stopped completely for showing the doctored video and creating unnecessary adversities against real democrates. And what he is saying is that he always have relations with corrupted parties. So u can see how his channel is…he should make his channel as honest and neutral instead of showing biased news.

  • HuHo

    this desperation proves Zee is BJP mouthpiece

  • HuHo

    sorry Chee news

  • Rakesh Mallick

    It is a pro BJP channel, Zee News in the last 2 and half years has become a disgrace to journalism, prior to that it was pretty good.

  • ForIndia

    Let’s stop this prestitution by banning Zee TV first. Others will either improve or fall in line. These channels have destroyed journalism and made a joke of media

    • munir

      100% agreed..

  • SK Iyer

    a criminal act is a criminal act and therefore must face the laws of the land. you support or dont support, doesnt matter.

  • Lindsey Sooze

    My dear friends please let me know one thing. Yesterday in DNA ,broadcast by Zee NEWS, they showed the speech of JNU professors. They were saying that India has occupied Kashmir. North East states has been captured forcefully by India. None other News channel has showed this speech. On the other hand other NEWS channels broadcast live speech of Kanahiya. As a true journalism other NEWS channel also show these Professors speech. So everybody should know the exact situation and thinking of JNU’s professor.

  • Deepak Jain

    सुभाष चन्द्र चिल्ला रहे हैं त्राहिमाम त्राहिमाम


    In Telangana, cable operators boycotted TV9 & ABN Andhra Jyoti for their partisan and biased news. If Information and Broad Casting Minister does not take action then even if in unwritten agreement cable operators boycott Zee News everyone will fall in line.

  • bigboss

    no subhash chandra, you are absolutely wrong, your channel is pro BJP pro RSS pro modi,and your TV guy sudhir chouwahdary is the puppet of modi and RSS.
    during bihar election, sudhir chouwadary gave majority to bjp party and it was only ZEE TV which was favoring bjp party and day in and day out sudhir presented the figures of his claim that bjp is getting 2/3rd majority in bihar as he talked over telephone to the bihar voters, what a shame, from this yhou can
    judge that Zee is a pro bjp party and also shown the doctored VDO and it was mr. suhhir who was playing the doctored VDO of kaniya kumar of JNU.
    so legal action should be taken against times now, arnab goswami, Zee tv- sudhir chouwadny, and other channel for running fake and fabricated VDoOof JNU incident

  • Abhinav

    Totally fake news I am finding this anywhere else in DNA it has been cleared by Sudhir Chowdhary how report was prepared and everything else. Stop such stupidity in internet.

  • Abhinav

    Totally fake news I am not finding this anywhere else in DNA it has been cleared by Sudhir Chowdhary how report was prepared and everything else. Stop such stupidity in internet.

  • corruption free India

    Zee News is the model for a presstitute

  • rowdy rathore

    zee news is the best channel and rohit sardana is the best anchor

    • Pushpendra

      Its better to be Modi Bhakt rather being an Afjal Manon or Ishrat bhakt. Zee is not the later thats why these terrorist’s bhakt are not comfortable.

    • hawak

      and you are the best @SSSS licker of subhash chandra

  • rowdy rathore

    janta ka reporter= kejri ka tatta

  • pankaj

    Corrupt, biased channel

  • Aepee

    Avasthi pe against koi action lene k bajaye Chandra use support kar raha….,,,is channel ka naam FAR-ZEE news hona chahiye….Khud hi judge ban k apne haq me faisala dene se jhooth sachnahi ho jata….. Desh prem Zindagi se ho jata hai???…… kitna kamaya iske zariye ye bhi bata dete

  • spaul

    Biased channel… will decay in future…definitely…


    Subhashchandra is a coward and psychopath

  • Alok Sahay

    I am a JNU Alumnus…MA,81-83, Centre for Historical Studies, School of Social Sciences

    Have been seeing and witnessing these Comrades’ anti national designs since my JNU days….Please see my FB page ….

    There is a serious requirement to expose JNU teachers who are the faces behind all this….they ensure that in every batch at least a dozen or more Comrades get admissions in each Centre of JNU….they marginalize every one through various means if you don’t tow their line…..Want to expose that nexus….recently got a chance on News World TV (the clip is available on my page), but the issue in question was limited and could not speak up what all I wanted….there are a few of my colleagues who also would join the wagon very potently….will your Channel give us an opportunity ?

    My Contact number 09930303604 and yes, I served the Indian Air Force for 26 years and retired in 2013 as a Wing Commander….and working now at Mumbai Airport.

    Chat conversation end


      wrong copy paste .. THE CHAT CONVERSATION END also got pasted lol

  • Amrit Rao

    The case of Zee TV blackmailing Jindal on hidden camera should be speeded up.


    Tum bass news jaisa hai waisa batao na.Yeh +ve aur -ve news kya hota hai. News News hai. Jindal se paise nahi mile toh aur kisi ki firauti le li ke.

  • Shiva Ka Insaaf NaMoona Bhakt

    Lolwaaaa….. He seems to be a total Modi Boot Lickerrr

  • Vijay Kumar

    Zee news is run by, shameless, spineless journalists who have no self-respect left. For the sake of TRP they could fall so low. Amazing! I wonder how they face themselves in the mirror?

  • Vijay Kumar

    The best way to protest is to boycott products advertised on any of the Zee TV channels, including Zee News.

  • Gumma

    Bjp news channels no doubt.. Please be neutral

  • Sumit

    Maaf Karna par Zee News BJP Aur Govt Ka Authorised Reporting ban Cuka Channel Hai. Apka show DNA Jo ki Sudhir J Host Kate Hai Vo Tou Pura Pura Govt Representative program lagta Hai Kevel Statistics ya Akddo ke Addhar Par Reporting Krna Kha Tak Sahi hai. Sudhir Bhai Apka Jo Show hai DNa Govt ka Theory based Aur News Kam Govt Caplusi Jayada Jalakti hai. SUDHIR BHAI NEW REPORTING GOVTEMENT ACHAIIYA GINA NA NAHI GOVT KI KAMJOOR AUR GALAT NITI KO SAB KE SAMNE RAKHE. JISSAI KI GOVT KOI GALAT TANASHA KADAM NA UTHAI. SUDHIR BHAI Maff Karna Boss DNa Show Bhout Hi Bakwas Hai.