“Clues to Bhopal SIMI activists jailbreak ‘inside job’: Moulds, CCTV off”


Here are some of the big headlines dominating the coverage of today’s English newspapers.

Indian Express had this as a big headline on front page, “Clues to Bhopal SIMI activists jailbreak ‘inside job’: Moulds, CCTV off.” A senior police officer told the paper that the extent of “inside help” involved in the jailbreak was “staggering”.

Moulds fashioned to match keys to locks, a knife found near a drain and non-functioning CCTV cameras that cover Block B of Bhopal’s Central Jail.

These are some of the pointers that have led senior police officers in Madhya Pradesh to admit that the jailbreak of eight activists of the banned SIMI last Monday was a result not just of lax policing, but of insider help and complicity.

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Kolkata-based The Telegraph had Delhi’s worsening pollution as a front page lead story. Najeeb’s mother facing police brutality by Delhi Police also made it to the paper’s front page story.

In the middle pages, it carried excerpts from Shah Rukh Khan’s comments on nationalism made during the first episode of Season 5 of Koffee with Karan on Sunday night.

Chennai-based The Hindu’s top headline on the front page was ‘Govt. shuts schools as Delhi chokes.’

As air pollution levels remained alarmingly high, with a blanket of smog enveloping the city, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday announced that all schools in the Capital will remain shut for three days (from Monday till Wednesday). The decision was taken at an emergency Cabinet meeting, held at Mr. Kejriwal’s residence, to discuss measures to tackle the air pollution.

“The city has turned into a gas chamber mainly due to large-scale crop stubble burning in neighbouring States. But this is not the time for politics. The base level of pollution was already very high. We have consulted experts and we are taking some emergency measures,” Mr. Kejriwal said at a press conference held soon after the Cabinet meeting.

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Hindustan Times, among other stories, had this report on a key Congress meeting expected today. The headline said, ‘Top Congress panel to meet today, vital decisions expected’

The Congress Working Committee (CWC), the party’s highest decision making body, will meet on Monday to take a call on the organisational elections, the deadline for which ends on December 31.

The tenure of Congress president Sonia Gandhi is also likely to be extended by another year. She already holds the record of being the Congress chief for 18 consecutive years after taking over from Sitaram Kesri in 1998.

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