Taxis to go off roads in Mumbai from 26 July


Taxi drivers in Mumbai have decided to go on an indefinite strike from Tuesday to protest against cab aggregators like Ola and Uber.

Swabhiman Taxi and Rickshaw Union president K K Tiwari said that the taxi drivers as well as certain section of autorickshaws would stay off the roads from 26 July until the government meets their demands.

This comes after auto drivers in Mumbai went on strike against the almost 700% rise in permit costs in February this year. The taxi unions too had expressed their support to the cause as they too are affected, while their competition – the aggregator services are not asked to conform to any laws and don’t have to bear any permit/license costs.

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The taxi union has claimed that operations by cab aggregators like Uber and Ola are unauthorised.
Photo: Telegrapah London

“Our demand from the government is that the cab aggregators should be brought under the law … they are operating without mandatory permission from the RTO,” Tiwari told PTI over phone.

“We also want that government should begin proceedings against those who have not followed the law … we will be on strike till government meets our demand … because of cab aggregators our drivers are having loss in income,” he added.

The unions and taxi drivers are also demanding implementation of the proposed city taxi scheme which would regulate the cab aggregators under the Motor Vehicles Act.