BJP MLA, who slapped police officer, surrenders but makes it clear who the real boss is


In Mahrashtra, BJP MLA Ramchandra Avasare, was recently booked for slapping a police officer in a police station.

Avasare on Saturday surrendered before the police but he made it amply clear who the real boss was.

He reportedly arrived at the police station with his entourage and sat in police station as though he had arrived there to seek explanation from the cops.

Avasare on Friday was addressing a gathering, when his driver Tularam Selokar began taking a video of his speech. Selokar’s act caused obstruction to the traffic and he was told by police to make the recording from another side.

But, instead of paying heed to the request, the driver allegedly started abusing them, Tumsar Police Station Officer Rajendra Shetye said.

The cops then took him to Tumsar police station.

In the meantime, Avasare came and sat in his car.He was then informed that his driver was taken to police station for alleged violation of law.

(Photo: ANI)