This story from Haryana will make you cry, all for good reasons


This story will bring tears in your eyes, but all for good reasons.

Lekhraj, a 41-year-old man in Haryana’s Yamuna Nagar, has just passed class XII exams with distinction. His success assumes special significance not because of his age but the circumstances in which he undertook this challenge of his life.

Lekhraj had given up study after passing class X exam. Faced by abject poverty and other family responsibility, he simply couldn’t continue his education as much as he would have loved to do.

Time passed and Lekhraj got married. Soon he became the proud father of a beautiful daughter. Unlike many parents in Haryana, he decided to invest in his daughter Indu’s education.

Lekhraj appeared determined to ensure that the paucity of resources didn’t become a reason for his daughter to go through the same sense of deprivation and disappointment that he had once gone through.

Indu passed her class X exam and got herself enrolled for class 12 study when an idea struck her. She asked her dad if he wanted to pursue his education further. Lekhraj simply loved the idea as he couldn’t have found a better teacher than his own princess (after all that’s what daughters are to every father isn’t it?).

Under the able guidance of his new found ‘teacher’ Lekhraj prepared hard for this year’s class 12 exams. Both father-daughter duo appeared in the exam together and both passed with flying colours. There was one difference though. Lekhraj, who had baraely managed to pass his class X, scored better than his own ‘teacher.’

And Indu isn’t complaining. She is utterly elated.

She told reporters, ” meri saheliyon ke maan baap padhe likhe hain. Main chahti thi ki mere pita bhi padhe hon (All my friends’ parents are educated. Therefore, I too wanted my father to be educated).

Lekhraj said that he got encouragement from his daughter, who said there was no age for receiving education.

Lekhraj’s isn’t just a story of an incredible family bonding but also a man’s sheer grit and determination, which will inspire millions, placed in similar situation.

(Photo: courtesy Zee News)