Gujarat’s education scam: Class X toppers think triangle has four sides, honest among them say avadtu nathi (do not know)


Would you be surprised if told that class X students in India think triangle has four sides? No we are not revealing another toppers scam of Bihar.

This time such gems have emerged from the s-called most developed state of India, Gujarat.

New revelation by Indian Express would cause unbearable embarrassment to the state government, which was ruled by more than a decade by Narendra Modi, now India’s prime minister.

According to the report, the class X students simply could not distinguish between a triangle and a circle. One of them said a triangle had four sides.

Many of them even failed to solve two-digit multiplication and subtraction. The honest among them wrote, avadtu nathi (do not know) on their answer sheets.

All these 500 Class X students, who gave the these answers to basic questions during a hearing session Tuesday on suspected cases of copying at the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) headquarters, had scored more than 80 per cent — a few even scoring 90-95 per cent — in the objective section (50 per cent of the total marks) of their mathematics paper in the board exams, results of which were announced on May 24. Also, all these students scored zero in the subjective section.

Unlike Bihar, cheating in Gujarat took place in a more sophisticated manner. Students revealed that a teacher used to stand right below the CCTV camera of the examination hall and tutored them answers. Some said that would hear “voices from outside the window” of the classroom.

M A Pathan, Officer on Special Duty (OSD), who led the jury of five board members, said, “What caught attention of the examiners during tallying of marks was disparity between marks for their objective and subjective answers, particularly in Mathematics. Nothing untoward was noticed even when the CCTV footage of certain sensitive examination centres were scanned.”

The 500 students, whose results have been withheld, were from three examination centres at Lambadiya (Sabarkantha), Choila (Aravalli) and Bhikapur (Chhota Udepur).