BJP will pay heavy price in Bihar if it escalates situation in Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday warned BJP of dire consequences in Bihar election if it continues to create troubles in Delhi.

Answering questions from country’s top journalists on ABP News’ new programme ‘Press Conference’, the Delhi CM said, ” Let me tell you one thing. If BJP continues to escalate situation in Delhi, it will pay a heavy price in Bihar.”

Kejriwal also said that his party winning 67 out of 70 seats in Delhi had robbed BJP of its sleep. He, however, denied that he was continuously taking ‘panga’ (picking fight) with the central government.

He said, “I’ve not taken panga with the pradhan mantri, I’m merely raising issues with him.”

On the question of raising VAT for petroleum products, Kejriwal said that he hoped it will soon come down in future adding that in five years time “I promise VAT on petro and diesel will come down.”

On calling Delhi police thulla (a derogatory terms often used for Delhi policeman), he said that the term was not meant for everyone in Delhi police. He added that he had immense respect for honest policemen of the force.

He said, ” I want to extend my apologies to honest police officers for ‘thulla’ comment if it I had hurt them. I used the ‘thulla’ word against dishonest policemen. But if honest officers are hurt, I apologise to them.”

Press Conference, presented by Dibang, is a new weekly programme launched by the ABP news whereby a big newsmaker is interviewed by selected few veteran journalists.