“BJP, please wake up”: Subramanian Swamy says farmers’ tractor rally on Republic Day dents ‘tough guy’ image of PM Modi, Amit Shah


BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has said that Tuesday’s violence in the heart of India’s national capital coinciding with Republic Day celebrations conclusively ended the ‘tough guy’ image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. The outspoken BJP leader also urged people to give up hero-worshipping of their leaders and hold them accountable for the failure.

In a series of tweets, Swamy wrote, “Respect of two groups of stakeholders in agricultural trade have been lost so far in the farmers agitation: A.The Punjab Congress/Akali politicians & their middlemen. B. The Modi/ Shah “tough guys” image. Gainers are Naxals, Drug lords, ISI & Khalistanis. BJP please wake up!”

Swamy said that Tuesday’s dramatic events in Delhi would embolden China to carry out ‘a major attack this March-May’ to further destabilise India. “Following the law&order fiasco on Republic Day celebration [which I had suggested that this year be inside Rashtrapati Bhavan event], China has been embodened to carry out a major attack this March-May period to further de-stabillize India. Hindus under siege. Wake up!!”

When one of his followers asked for his advice for people at large, Swamy said, “Give up hero worship, and stop blaming the Devil for your incompetence. Evaluate objectively the failure, rectify the strategy, and delegate authority to the doers, not to psychophants and mercenaries.”

Delhi had turned into a war zone as tens of thousands of farmers entered the national capital as part of their tractor rally on Tuesday. Both farmers and the Delhi Police accused each other of resorting to violence. The Delhi Police reports to the Ministry of Home Affairs headed by Amit Shah.

Not just Swamy, but many BJP supporters also felt that the development had dented Shah’s image of a strong leader.