Shocking video captures Delhi Police cops running for safety, jumping off wall at Red Fort


A shocking video has captured a large number of visibly frightened cops from the Delhi Police scurrying for safety as they jumped from a 15-foot wall near Red Fort as lathi-wielding farmers charged at them in aggression.

The video, shot during the farmers’ tractor rally on Republic Day, has gone viral on social media. In the video, shared by news agency ANI, police and paramilitary personnel can be seen facing brutal attacks from farmers.

While some are seen hanging off the wall, others huddle near the main gate. Faced with a desperate situation those hanging off the wall begin to drop on the ground like ripe fruit falling off a tree. Soon the main gate opens as men in the uniform run for safety. However, here too, they are chased with lathis.

The emergence of the video evoked angry reactions from the supporters of the Centre’s BJP government.

Dozens of Delhi Police personnel are reported to have sustained injuries in Tuesday’s violence.