“Trouble in the cowshed”: War of words between Rajat Sharma and Gautam Gambhir triggers hilarious reactions; India TV founder backs Virat Kohli


Twitterati have reacted hilariously after India TV founder Rajat Sharma openly backed Virat Kohli in his fight with Gautam Gambhir after the IPL match between Lucknow Super Giants and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Reacting to the ugly scenes in Lucknow, Sharma had accused Gambhir of being jealous of Kohli’s global fame.

Appearing on his TV channel, Sharma had said, “Gautam Gambhir’s arrogance reached a new height after he fought elections and became an MP. How much he’s perturbed by Virat’s popularity was clearly visible in the ground yesterday.”

Backing Kohli, Sharma said that the former India skipper was an aggressive player, who did not tolerate any ‘nonsense.’

“That’s why he (Kohli) replied to Gautam Gambhir in equal measure. All in all, what Gautam Gambhir did was against sportsman spirit. It doesnt a former player or a member of parliament. Such incidents harm cricket and this shouldn’t have happened,” Sharma continued.

Gaambhir, a former India opener, took to Twitter to launch a veiled dig at Sharma without naming the India TV founder. “Man who ran away from Delhi Cricket citing “pressure” seems over eager to sell paid PR as concern for cricket! यही कलयुग़ है जहां ‘भगोड़े’ अपनी ‘अदालत’ चलाते हैं।,” Gambhir tweeted.

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No sooner did Gambhir tweet, netizens began to post hilarious comments stating that this was an internal matter of the BJP. This was in reference to Sharma’s closeness with the BJP and Gambhir’s status as a BJP MP.

The ugly scenes involving Kohli and Gambhir took place immediately after match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Lucknow Super Giants on Tuesday. The RCB had defeated the LSG but an on-field scuffle between Kohli and Afghanistan Naveen ul Haq turned into a full-blown fight after the match. Both Kohli and Gambhir hail from Delhi and have reportedly not got along with each other for several years.

Had players and support staff not intervened, the outcome of the fight could have been serious. The BCC later fined both Kohli and Gambhir their 100% match fees.