Sania Mirza’s sister Anam catches husband Asad enacting Indian Idol winner Sunny Hindustani in lockdown; seen polishing shoes; Hyderabad’s Shloka Mehta and Akash Ambani


Sania Mirza’s sister Anam recently caught husband Mohammed Asaduddin enacting Indian Idol winner Sunny Hindustani in the lockdown after he was seen polishing shoes. His large collection of shoes also kind of justified the couple’s popular tag as Hyderabad’s Shloka Mehta and Akash Ambani tag.

Anam and Asad, son of former Indian cricket captain Mohammed Azharuddin, also gave their fans a glimpse of how they’ve been managing their life in quarantine. Days after they were seen playing a game of table tennis, Anam caught Asad polishing his shoes. But the real revelation was Asad’s huge collection of shoes, at least a hundred of them.

Explaining his huge collection of shoes, Asad said that he was polishing all of them so that he had them ready to wear once the current lockdown was over. But, Anam used the opportunity to flaunt her husband’s prized possession.

Asad also took to Instagram to update his story as he called this his ‘shoe cleaning day.’

Anam also publicly confessed that she was envious of her husband’s large collection of shoes as she said, “Wow Asad. I thought I had lots of shoes. Want to show you Asad’s shoes.” The caption of Anam’s video read, “Obsessed Asad.”

The Mirzas are royalty in Hyderabad just like the Ambanis in Mumbai. The revelation on Asad’s huge shoe collection would make even the Ambanis envious.

What makes the alliance between Anam and Asad even more special is Azhar’s pedigree as one of the most successful captains of the Indian cricket team. Azhar, who led India both in One Day International and Test matches for a number of years, is currently the President of the Hyderabad Cricket Association.

Anam and Asad got married at a glittering ceremony in October last year. Several high-profile politicians and film personalities had attended their wedding. Both of them had travelled to Europe on a honeymoon.