Rs 2,000 nano chip fame Zee Media now faces ridicule for inventing alien theory behind missing IAF aircraft


Remember the infamous nano technology invention made by Zee News soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his demonetisation announcement on 8 November 2016? The channel’s editor, Sudhir Chaudhary had announced in his prime time show that the new Rs 2,000 note will have a secret chip to help the central government agencies trace the currency even when it was buried under 120 meters. Chaudhary had also gone on to claim that every Rs 2,000 note will have ‘Nano GPS’ chip embedded in the note.

Zee News

Months later, another TV channel owned by the Zee Media group, Zee Hindustan, has come under fire for seemingly blaming aliens for allegedly abducting the Indian Air Force’s AN-32 plane that went missing a few days ago near the China border.

The plane was carrying 13 passengers including eight IAF personnel, as first reported by Janta Ka Reporter. The Indian Air Force search and rescue team has been unable to trace the missing plane even days after it went missing in Arunachal Pradesh.

However, a channel owned Zee group has sensationally wondered if aliens may have abducted the missing AN-32 IAF plane. The clip of Zee Hindustan’s broadcast has nwo gone viral on social media with users condemning the channel for trivialising a human tragedy involving Indian soldiers.

Meanwhile, the IAF has announced a Rs 5 lakh award for information about missing An-32 aircraft.

In July 2016, an AN-32 transport plane of the Indian Air Force carrying 29 people on board, including four officers, had gone missing while flying from Chennai to Port Blair. The missing aircraft was never found and the search operation had to be called off two months later.