“Rs 2000 Notes will also have Jio Sim with 4G connection” What Zee News didn’t report


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement on demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 caused ripples across India as people thronged ATMs, petrol pumps and grocery shops in their desperation to use as much of their unused cash as possible.

Modi, in his announcement, said that Rs 500 and Rs 1000 will become illegal from the midnight of 9 November and they will be replaced by new Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes.

Rs 2000 Notes

While the BJP’s political detractors such as Mamata Banerjee, CPI-M and Congress slammed Modi for his ‘draconian’ decision, his supporters in the party and media were nimble-footed in singing praises for him.

Awe struck by Modi’s supposed ‘masterstroke,’ Zee News owned by BJP Rajya Sabha MP, Subhash Chandra, went a step ahead to announce how the new Rs 2000 note will have a secret chip, which will help the central government agencies to trace the note even when it was buried under 120 meters.

The theory crafted by Zee News sounded more adventurous than even the makers of James Bond series could ever have come up with. (See below)


Zee News’ Rs 2000 embedded chip theory was widely shared on WhatsApp prompting even some of Modi’s critics to believe it as a real story. But, there was one problem.

The story propogated by Zee News was fake as firmly denied by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and an RBI official.

This was enough to cause huge social media reactions as users on microblogging site posted funny comments.

Here are some of them:




  1. This site is full of commies and mullas ,and it reflects in their writings. That’s to oppose Modi at any cost. It doesn’t matter. Majority of Bharatvasi are with Modi ji. Better accept this fact.

  2. Modi ko Drama Karna Ata hai bus Nakara Sarkar ki pahchan yahi hoti hai kuchh jyaada dimaak laga raha hai.Janta ko ek ke baad ek Ulte seedhe karname dikha kar Media ko busy rakhna ki Meri Nakari ka saboot pesh na kar paye.Wah re Gujrati tera mind to khacchad se bhi jyada tej hai

    • Kuch acha karo toh gali doge, kuch galaxy karo toh gali toh banti hi hai. Itni gali Congress ko dete toh desh ka bhabhala Hota. Bas criticize karo kyun ? Kyunki bhai Modi ne kiya hai. Sahi kaise ho sakta hai. Sahara Dinah toh kejru aur Congress aur left mein hi hai.

  3. Mujhe Cong party se hi lagaw hai magar BJP ne Jo ahchanak damaka kiya ye wakai tariff ke Kabil hai ese Cong karti tho majha aur hota phir bhi desh ki suraksha ke liye ye jaruri hai vaise garib ho ya 4th class works unko koi parak nahi padtha kyoki payment at ha two days ke badha hamari jeb Khali acha nirnay HAI jai hind.

  4. Bravery award is sure for Modiji. A brave move has checkmated every anti national, whether it is terrorist or financial terrorist. At least people with hard earned could sleep in peace.


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