Rival Pakistani politicians brutally thrash each other on LIVE TV; competition for Indian TV channels


A video of two Pakistani politicians belonging to former Pakistani Prime Ministers Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif’s political outfits, brutally thrashing each other during a LIVE TV debate has gone viral on social media. The politicians in questions are Senator Afnan Ullah Khan from Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Sher Afzal Khan Marwat from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

In the viral video, Khan could be seen accusing Imran Khan of being a ‘bootlicker’ of Pakistan’s army generals to grow his stature in politics. This appeared to enrage Marwat, who took a dim view of Khan’s demeaning words for his leader.

“Bootlicking has been your habit all your life,” he replied.

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Khan then called the PTI leader a ‘Jew’ prompting Marwat to launch a personal attack by dragging the former’s father. Imran Khan’s first wife Jamima Khan a Jew.

After launching a personal attack on Khan’s family and his father, Marwat got up from his chair and began to thrash him brutally. Not to be overpowered, Khan too retaliated and pushed his PTI rival on the ground.

The TV anchor made desperate pleas asking them to not fight but this had little effect on them.

Khan later tweeted, “Marwat attacked me in the talk show yesterday. I believe in non-violence but I am Nawaz Sharif’s soldier. The treatment that Marwat received from me will be a lesson for him and for all PTI workers, especially for Imran Khan. They will not be able to show their face. They will have to wear big black glasses.

Marwat, for his part, tweeted, “Express TV host Javed Chaudhry is spreading misinformation about last night’s unpleasant incident. He is spreading rumours that my opponent was a Superman. He is not telling the reality which is that Afnan Ullah ran away from the studio and took shelter in a nearby room, which I came to know after watching his program today.

“I stayed in the studio for about 5/7 minutes. Later, I was told that the part had been cancelled and I left. There are many reasons why they are biased which I will share with the media on Sunday. I also plan to initiate a defamation case and criminal complaint against him and share my recorded audio conversation that took place between him and me today. I have a lot of things to make the public aware of it. Keep watching.”

Netizens shared the video in excitement.

One user wrote, “Contrary to what Sher Afzal Marwat claimed, Senator Afnanullah did take him to the ground and gave him a solid beating after being attacked.” Another commented, “of the match black belt Senator Dr Afnan Ullah Khan.”

An Indian journalist wrote on Twitter, “Pakistani politicians brawl on live TV giving serious competition to our netas here who make a complete joke of themselves on live tv more often than not.”