Bollywood actor Swara Bhasker attacked for choosing Islamic name for newborn


Bollywood actor Swara Bhasker and her politician husband Fahad Ahmad recently became the parents of their first child. Swara had announced the birth of her daughter, whom the couple named Raabiyaa. However, the name Raabiyaa has prompted right-wing trolls to slam the actor for choosing an Islamic name for her daughter.

Swara Bhasker

Right-wing Twitter handle, Eminent Intellectual, wrote, “Secular atheist #SwaraBhaskar and secular atheist Fahad Ahmad gave birth to a Muslim baby Raabiyaa. Another Islamic miracle. Congratulations.”

User Sheetal Chopra, who identifies herself as an RSS worker, wrote, “Father is Muslim so girl’s name is Raabiyaa, a name with Arabic origin. And Swara Bhaskar fights for Brahminical patriarchy.”

User Icognito commented, “Mother: Swara Bhasker Hindu)

Father: Fahad Ahmad (Muslim)

Both mother & father claim to be atheist. But, daughter is given a muslim name, Raabiyaa.

Once again, patriarchy has won and feminism has lost.

Congratulations to the couple anyway.”

User Nitu wrote, “Why Raabiyaa only? Why not Rubi?”

User Dr. SRB Bharat wrote, “Look at the miracle! A baby born in just seven months!😂 The name of this so-called secularist hindu mother’s and Muslim father’s daughter is Raabiyaa! Shame!.”

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Swara had announced this week the arrival of her first child. She wrote on social media, “A prayer heard, a blessing granted, a song whispered, a mystic truth.. Our baby girl Raabiyaa was born on 23 Sept. 2023 ♥️ With grateful and happy hearts we thank you for your love.
It’s a whole new world.”

Both Swara and her husband had got married in February this year. The outspoken actor is known for her views critical of the Centre’s Narendra Modi government. This has always made her a target of incessant trolling by right-wing supporters.