Upset over being called ‘traitor’ by BJP spokesperson, Congress leader breaks glass during LIVE debate


A Congress leader is facing criticism for losing his cool and throwing a glass full of water at a BJP spokesperson after he was repeatedly called a traitor during a LIVE debate. The video of Congress’ Alok Sharma throwing a glass full of water in disgust was shared by a News24 TV journalist.


Sharma was taking part in a debate on News24 TV over the politicisation of the Indian army by several BJP leaders including Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who had recently called the Indian army Modi ji ki sena (Modi’s army). The Election Commission on Friday had requested Adityanath to exercise caution in future even though it disapproved his comments.

Also taking part in the News24 debate were BJP spokesperson KK Sharma and two ex-army officers, Major General SP Sinha and Major General Vishambhar Dyal.

During the debate, Sharma accused the BJP of insulting the army. In response BJP spokesperson, KK Sharma, called the Congress leader a ‘traitor’ on several occasions. This appeared to have angered Sharma, who threw the glass full of water in disgust. The water splashed all over the studio, leaving the anchor drenched. Pieces of the broken glass could be seen strewn all across the studio.

Sharma later apologised for his outburst, but also insisted on an apology from the BJP spokesperson. But BJP’s KK Sharma refused to apologise, forcing the anchor to evict him along with the Congress spokesperson out of the show.

The anchor had to change his outfit to present the remainder of the programme.



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