“Hope Kapil Paaji is fine”: Gautam Gambhir shares video of Kapil Dev with hands tied and mouth stuffed with cloth


Former India cricketer and BJP MP, Gautam Gambhir, on Monday shared a video of Indian cricket legend, Kapil Dev, with his hands tied and mouth stuffed with clothes.
Kapil Dev
Gambhir wrote, “Anyone else received this clip, too? Hope it’s not actually @therealkapildev 🤞and that Kapil Paaji is fine!”

In the video, a person resembling Kapil Dev could be seen being taken to an unknown location by two individuals. Though the video evoked plenty of reactions from netizens, many believed that this was a cheap stunt to push TV viewership by the TV channel ahead of this year’s World Cup cricket.

One user wrote, “These people may be making ads for sure but this nonsense will be circulating on WhatsApp forward for months now.” Another commented, “Disgusting way for viewership, at least respect our legends.” “What a disgusting way to make an ad,” wrote another user.

India will host cricket World Cup this year with the cricketing extravaganza starting next month. The hosts are favourite to win the World Cup for the third time. Kapil Dev was the first Indian captain to lead India to a World Cup glory in 1983.