Arrest threat is not only worry plaguing Arnab Goswami’s mind, Republic TV anchor faces competition from female avatar


Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami has been running from pillar to post seeking protection from imminent arrests in multiple criminal cases. But, it seems the threat of arrests aren’t the only worry plaguing India’s most controversial TV anchor’s mind. Now the pro-BJP Republic TV founder has found a perfect match in his female avatar. This was after a video of a woman imitating Goswami to extraordinary perfection went viral on social media.

Arnab Goswami

Not only did the woman in the video perfectly pull off Goswami’s mannerism in shouting down his not-so-agreeable guests, but she also exposed the Republic TV founder’s tricks of silencing guests, who had the capacity to embarrass him on LIVE TV. The woman in the video, now being dubbed as Lady Arnab, addresses her imaginary guest by asking him to not shout over her. She says, “Mr. Kumar, don’t shout over me. Who are you to pass such a personal remark? Shame on you. Mute him, right now.”

Silencing his guests, who don’t agree with him, has become Goswami’s most successful tool while conducting his debate. ‘Lady Arnab’ appears to pull this aspect brilliantly.

Goswami recently moved the Supreme Court seeking protection after an FIR was filed against him by the Mumbai Police. The complainant accused Goswami of running a programme to demonise the Muslim community during his coverage on the assembly of migrant workers outside the Bandra railway station in Mumbai. Goswami allegedly focussed on a mosque in the vicinity even though the place of worship for Muslims had zero relevance to the developing story.

Earlier, the Mumbai Police had grilled the controversial anchor for more than 12 hours for communalising the lynchings of two Hindu monks in Maharashtra’s Palghar. A prominent newspaper in the UAE on Wednesday demanded the banning of Indian TV channels including Republic TV, calling them preachers of hate in the gulf region.