Fearing arrest, Arnab Goswami moves Supreme Court again; days after Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait and FIR actress Kavita Kaushik slammed him for shenanigans


Fearing arrest, Republic TV founder and controversial pro-BJP anchor Arnab Goswami has moved the Supreme Court once again seeking quashing of a fresh FIR lodged against him by the Mumbai Police for allegedly hurting religious sentiments. This is days after FIR actress Kavita Kaushik, Mulk Director Anubhav Sinha and Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait targeted Goswami for his recent antics.

According to news agency PTI, Goswami has sought a direction to restrain the authorities from continuing any probe initiated pursuant to the filing of the FIR on 2 May. This is the second time in recent days that Goswami has approached the country’s highest court seeking relief in multiple police cases.

Earlier, the Supreme Court had granted him three-week protection from arrest after he was accused of inciting religious violence through his TV while covering the tragic lynchings of two Hindu monks in Maharashtra’s Palghar.

He was later subjected to intense police grilling for over 12 hours at a police station in Mumbai.

The fresh plea filed by Goswami in the Supreme Court comes just days after the Maharashtra government moved the apex court alleging that Goswami, facing a probe in a criminal case for his alleged comments to communalise the Palghar lynching, accused the controversial anchor of ‘browbeating’ the police by ‘creating fear psychosis.’

A fresh police complaint has been filed against Goswami for hurting the religious sentiments of the Muslim community through one of his TV shows on Republic Bharat. The complainant, Irfan Abubakar Sheikh, from the Raza Education Welfare Society, told news agency PTI, “Arnab tried to target a particular community through his show which was aired on April 29 while the incident had taken place on April 14.”

Goswami has been booked under sections 153 (Wantonly giving provocation with intent to cause riot) 153-A (Promoting enmity between two groups) 295-A (Deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings), 500 (Punishment for defamation), 511 (Punishment for attempting to commit offences) 120-b (Planning) and other sections of the Indian Penal Code, the police official said.

Earlier, several celebrities including FIR actress Kavita Kaushik, filmmaker Anubhav Sinha and actress Kubbra Sait had slammed Goswami for his shenanigans in the recent days leading to his interrogation by the Mumbai Police.


  1. Arnab is a fearless TV anchor, who speaks the truth and has exposed many scams under Congress rule hence he is been harassed by the spineless Maharashtra government, who should be fighting the spread of Coronavirus, instead of wasting their time with these cheap gimmicks.

    • Fearless because he have bjp behind him. He’s an a** hole trying to propogate communal divide. He seems to be very smart n he is. But, he’s using his media portfolio in the wrong way to appease bjp/rss.
      N speaking the truth? Kiss my A** Arnab Goswami

    • mr veer, I am sure ur the last person who decorated a substandard, moronic, insane, psychic street vendor as a fearless anchor!!!
      sir ji this shows ur standard as well. try to learn what is good n bad. basics

      • अगर अर्णव गोस्वामी अपने शो में नफरत फैला रहे हैं तो एक चोर की पिटाई और उसकी मौत पर एवं एक पड़ोसी का बछड़ा मार कर खानेवाले तथा एक सीट को लेकर झगड़ा एवं मारपीट में मौत को लेकर NDTV और उस जैसी मानसिकता वाले चैनलों एवं उसके जैसी मानसिकता वाले पत्रकार महीनों तक मोब लिंचिंग का राग अलापने वाले क्या सद्भावना फैला रहे थे ।अब सोशल मीडिया का जमाना है अब ये नही चलने वाला अब एक एक झूठ पकड़ा जाता है ।

    • That is why you people are called andhabhakt… Andhabhakt is someone who believes blindly based on his caste and religion

    • He is cheap & barking anchor. Even common man was able to file RTI against UPA govts. Does he has guts to talk and target NDA govt PM uncares fund, Namate Trump. Etc.

    • Fearless??? Why is he running to the supreme court time and again nowadays on evey FIR filed? He should face them all in court bravely content that India is with him. Not appeal to quash FIRs. Sad.

    • These Congress and Communist Libtards are running amok across the country filing FIRs against everybody. Please somebody provide these people with some jobs. Preferably send these busy bodies to work in the COVID 19 hospitals… Intolerance of these pseudo seculars are damaging the country’s credentials.

    • If you are supporting R TV… U will be like him… Shouting…. Nation wants to no…. Very pathetic press in India… Unknowingly following public….

    • Jab yeh dar jaate hai to communal card, victim card khelte hai….arnab keep up the good work we are with you

    • Arnab is rogue element always inciting communal feelings. He should have been behind bar by now but for the Supreme court. Shame for the journalist community.

    • No one can even touch arnab goswami he a battery of lawyers……to defend him
      On the other way he is true Indian……he shows the mirror on the face of antinationals element.
      And he is exposing lot of files nearer …..so antinational elements are trying to supress him…jaihindh

    • Fearless? He is professionally immoral, an opportunistic sycophant and loves host a fish market debate. He’s a disgrace to journalism

  2. Whatever be the verdict, The Erosion of Love from India’s heart has taken place and will leave the gap unfilled forever at least till the next two generations, Because the Extremists have subliminally adulterated even the Children’s Hearts.

    The extremist’s plan was to adulterate the people’s minds which they did successfully and
    Now their Next step is to apologize and cry for repentance.
    Because their modus operandi is complete.
    Everything was planned – To Create the situation – and their exit,
    Leaving behind Hate and Haters to continue their legacy.
    This hate and Haters can be found brewing Hate openly everywhere
    Richest to Poorest,
    Uneducated to Most intelligent Intellectuals,
    From IAS/IPS to Peon.
    From Father of the Family to the Kid.
    Working in a roadside tea shop to working in NASA

    A common man needs only a safe and happy place to live with his friends and family. He Doesn’t care Who’s on the Seat.

  3. He’s just a Puppet like many others in front of our Eyes.
    Everyone is an Actor, hungry for Money. Will say anything for Money.

    Who doesn’t want a career and job to be paid only for speaking?

  4. What Arnab Goswami has done to expose the Congress and Shib Sena for killing three persons in Broad day light is the correct thing. Police are now working for Congress and Shib Sena is an open secret. SC should ask police to submit the report of killings innocent people. All those who want to divert the attention have gone to the court.Their communal and political activities should be exposed.

    • Bjp or Congress baad m khel lena bhai desh k baare m socho or apne khule dimag se socho aise logo k bare m Samaj ke bare mein Samaj ka Sawal hai aapko aur aapke bacchon ko Yahi Rahana hai isi samaj mein Aise Logon Se Dur Raho Jo ganda Karte Hain Hamare Samaj Ko Aur vah Bhi sirf Fame aur Paise Ke Liye

    • By this logic of yours the Delhi Police is obviously being controlled and corrupted by Centre. This too is an “open secret”. All those attacks on Jamia Students and JNU students, all those cover ups in Delhi riots, arresting activists and students on the pretext of UAPA is too divert the attention of the nation from the incompetence of Modi and Shah. Rightly said, all their political and communal activities should be exposed.

  5. Could this have been a common man of India be given so much time by court in such a case.This is not Equality before law for citizen the courts must not protect him.

    • It is a reflection of the level of degradation in this country and the lows to which Hindu so called Hindu actresses will stoop in return for money from dawoods gangs which dictate to Bombay filmdom.these women can put all Hindu women to shame .and I am one.the persecution of goswami. For telling the truth is the indicator of how lowest forms of. Prositution and presstitition is masquerading as liberalism and secularism in this country
      .I have no doubt that goswami can and will withstand the attacks of these maggots and their ilk.
      Because truth prevails it only takes time
      All the best Armab
      … and God speed.

    • शेख साहब नमस्ते। अपने सो काल्ड आकाओं को, झुठे और अहसानफरोस मन को, स्वार्थसिद्धि हेतु, गिरी हुई शैतानीयत भरी आत्माओं को खुश करने के लिये, कहने को तो हम श्री अरनब को जेल भेजने, व प्रताड़ना देने में खुशी जाहिर कर दें, क्योंकि हम स्वयं कायर है, और कायर तो कहीं न कहीं किसी न किसी स्तर पर गुलाम होता ही है।

    • Then what punishment should be given to those who live in India get all benefits and praise pakisthan. What should be done to those who attack Indian soldiers who sacrifice their lives to save India from traitors

  6. Arnab is one of bjp’s dalal… Yah as well as he is a good actor… I was looking there long that really he is dividing between hindu and muslims… He must be punished…

  7. Everybody should be objective.Arnab Goswami has taken up a cause,and he is being harassed by filing cases against him to silence his voice.Do not give it a religious colour.Be faithful to the nation you are living in.

  8. Arnab is the best and true journalist…koi baal bhi baka nainl kar sakta…tum zuthi khabare failake apne aapko santushti dete raho hahahahaha…. Religious sentiment agar heart hote hai to pehle Owaisi aur uski gang ko pakdo…. Hahahah

  9. India needs more like Arnab Goswami. At least he is not corrupt and making up news according to who pays the bribe. Journalism should be honourable profession. No room for corruption.

  10. Whichhunt. Arñab is one of million Hindus voicing the atrocities perpetrated by minorities on majority community. The Apex should now leave protecting minorities and come to the re3cue of majority community.

  11. Why so much limelight on Arnab,let the law take its own course,why take sides and fight amongst ourselves and pollute the already surcharged atmosphere. What does a common citizen get out of this? Are we just venting our hate

  12. And for whom you are standing. For spreading hatred? For reaping some benefit of communal or any kind of violence? Take the stand of a responsible citizen please. Time is already gone to validate things judiciously.

  13. Correctly said.Now the ball is in the court . I don’t know whether the court will see the matter seriously. Let’s expect the best.

  14. If some one says truth for benefit of poor killed in lyncing he bacome terrorist or gaiter of other caste. Since congress rule Maharastra,they hate his journalist as he is telling the truth of their dracunion rule for 60 years. So every thing is happening like this. Real patriot will not take action against a person who love the nationalism. Authorities should bring the persons and party behind it for the pinching of Saint first. Why shiv sena is acting like this. If Bal thakrey was alife it should not have happened

  15. Arnab is showing the true faces of congress and gaddar tukde tukde gang. These shameless anti Indians need to be kicked out of India.

  16. These damn Bollywood taking stance when it comes to hurting sentiments, and those 3 were killed were just a joke for them. Shows how everyone is leaning towards the minority for their ill gains. Spineless actors, know your place you’re just an entertainer, don’t poke or give your worthless biased opinions on one side.

  17. Mujib sir if arnab is wrong then the tabhlikis like Saad and his followers are Right??? MAHARASHTRA government ne kyu nahi pakad pakad kar tabhlikiyon ko hospital ya police ko diya????
    Sadhuwon K liye unhe pehle se khabar rehti hai toh 3000 log tayyar rehte hain, aur tablikiyon k time per sab behosh rehte hain ki unhe pata hi nahi???? Neta, police k paas information nahi, reporters K paas hai, toh duty kaisi kar rahe hain yeh log yeh batane aur samjhane ki zaroorat nahi.

  18. Ye h Dalal Media ki power ka galat istemal karne wala Dalal fearless reporter ghanta aise log apne Matlab k liye samaj ko ganda karte pr log ye kabhi nahi sampate kyunki wo samajna he nahi chahate or aise kuch logo ki wajah se puru society ko jhelna padta h or trp se milne wala fame or paise k liye aise soogar kisi ki perwa nahi karte

  19. You are acting like pro congress… Do you get funding from Italy …??? … You should change the name … Instead u can say Soniya ka reporter …fu****… Sh**

  20. This is just rubbish when this group of tukre tukre gang is behind a daring anchor. So called secular congress and it’s supporters, thousand of time they keep talking poison against Hindu. Instead of those sadhu if they would have a Muslim, they would have forgot corona virus and nationwide protest would have started.

  21. ज़्यादा से ज़्यादा कमेण्ट करनेवाले pseudo name se कमेण्ट करके यह दिखाना चाहते हैं की कमेंट करने वाले सव secularis हैं। सच्चाईतो यह है की श्री अर्नब गोस्वामी हमेशा सच बोलते हैं और सत्यका हमेशा विजय होता है। कांग्रेस ने देशको कहाँ पहुँचाया है देशवासियोंको अच्छी तरहसे पता चल चुका है। कांग्रेस खुदको दफ़नानेके लिए खुद जबर खोदती ज़ारही है। कंग्रेस मुक्त भारतका रस्ता लगातार साफ होता जारहा है। “ सत्यमेव जयते”

  22. Seculars and liberals it’s high time now
    Ab aur nahi chalne denge tmhara r@#$ rona !!!!

    If it was an incident where a muslim preacher would have been killed you would all demanding cbi sc to bring justice and targeting bjp and rss

    So just shut the f@#$ up !

    U guys always played the minority liberal and secular card

    We are no fools any more at this digital age

    Don’t worry justice will be served hot and sweet

  23. For this watch movie madari… same was narrative very nicely… that’s what I will comment right know.

    Secondly yesterday’s timesnow report floating in what’s up regarding same issue.
    As per the report it’s left party workers scam…

  24. You have an option to ignore the idiot, I have blocked his channel and Times Now for the very reason they are not really news channels just shouting channels. You will get more news out of CNN international and Al Jazeera than those two news channels.

  25. The pig should not be spared but spat and pissed upon in public by trying to FG orce his show of strength due to some god father shielding him, he is a threat to the nation and his vengeance and hate speeches and discussions will only increase tensions in india

  26. Arnab you are doing great job. We are with you. Just do it what ever you are doing as of now. You are our voice. we are proud of you.
    No body has guts to talk about Hinduism. You are the best.
    Dogs will barks… don’t worry. The people’s who talks about Hinduism loudly they called Modi’s chamcha, Bhakts, RSS and so on…. I am ok with it… country is ours and we proud to be INDIAN.

  27. If you want to vanish a operation called “ghazwa e hind” than you need many more Arnabs. Think ’bout Ur coming generations …. all idiots.

  28. The ones who are accusing him so much n telling him to kiss their ass only this much qualified they are…. Proud to have have Arnab like people.. Will the comments would have been same is instead of monks any mullah was beaten to death???? Just one question??????

  29. Arnab must be behind bars for atleast three years for causing communal hurt. He is a rogue of the highest order.

  30. I am not chamcha but a desh bhakt & I proud to be desh bhakt if anyone talks about antonia MIANO not speaks a single word on PAALGHAR mob lynching but shed lots of tears on terroist ishrat JEHAN encounter & lead candle march for pehlu Khan akhlaq tabrez that reporter is biased but Pulitzer fake reporters who defame india fake megsaysay reporter who willingly potray a Shahrukh Anti caa protester as a hindu boy are genuine reporters n they have freedom of speech all others have not freedom of speech if this happens to ravish KUMAR of ndtv whole Khan market Lutyens will blacken thier screens

    Those who are accusing him ,u all are the real terrorist inside the country , u all are the virus and ARNAB IS THE SANITIZER !!

  32. jo duniya ko bewakoof banata hai vo khud banta hi. manavta humanity ko stronest banaiye sath hi desh ko . jodo bharat nation first . yogeah sahu

  33. Arnav is a true journalist who expose all the scam done by cong govt and fight against all anti-national parties. We support him.

  34. Calling the name given to Congress president by her parents, how became crimes and who sent about 15 goons to attack him in the midnight

  35. Definitely Definitely the truth will prevail. If Arnab comes out clean, then it will be proved that Arnab was right, and the present reporters are wrong. So, let us wait for the final verdict of court. Hare my question is here that, whether the reporters and their supporters will also apologize for their wrong doings? They will never do that. Because, they’re not supporting the truth.

  36. Arnab Goswami is one of the honest and fearless reporter. As he is fearlessly present the fact to the society which hamper of the lutient corrupt people as a result they are started howling and cowling. We should always support the person who is trying to present the truth

  37. This reporter is known for his nationalistic debates. For him, Nation first and the rest is next. He speaks truth always and so reports. This definitely ping some who always follow Faith first and the rest is next. We’re with him so is nation. Hope truth prevails….

  38. Anti national reporter like Janta should be banned under anti national prevention act and the associated reporters should be put behind the bar.All we know that the present agari MH govt is working on behest of underworld dons now operating from Middle East countries.We also know the part of so called celebrities of Bollywood also live on bread thrown by these dons.

  39. I don’t see any FIR’s against any controversial pro congress anchor or pro DMK anchor for that fact… Seems like anybody supporting the nation becomes it’s defacto enemy.

  40. Journalism should be done for public …

    unfortunate it’s done for publicity these days…

    and many are basking in its glory as if there no tomorrow and things which some anchors are portraying news becoming a laughing stock in the world. But we are still blind and narrow minded all thanks to the powerful anchors who have rightly done their duty. In dividing people by their color, creed…

  41. It is not bravery of Arnab. Secondly he exposed Congress scams because he digs them if he will dig BJP he could get more and bigger scams with BJP.

  42. It’s not about pro Congress or pro BJP. Spreading communal hatred is wrong. Provoking one community against another and that too without any such communal incident is an act which cannot go unpunished. People supporting such an act are doing great disservice to the country

  43. Congress allegation are always baseless, now the vendetta politics played behind Bollywood Pseudo Mafia. He will not hide its a baseless propaganda by Janatakareporter.

  44. the truth will prevail. If Arnab comes out clean, then it will be proved that Arnab was right, and the present reporters are wrong. So, let us wait for the final verdict of court.

  45. Don’t think so…I have met the guy once but even in that brief meeting I can say that he fears nothing….nothing at all

  46. It is clear he (Arnab)is the same so can’t change him ..And everyone who is commenting including me has flaws .. too much of hype out of nothing .. it’s just that they ( Maharashtra govt) want to break him down ..He is not an easy stick to break ..He was popular , he is going to become more popular . Everyone stay safe ?

  47. In this Earth which God has given us every living beings, animals, birds, fishes, trees, plants and from the smallest ant to the largest elephant are meant to live in peace. It is only human beings whom God has given intelligence to know and recognize good from bad are the once who fight each other in the name of God. They call him by different names, and then fight in his name for supremacy and kill each other. Even when God has shown a small virus can create havoc in the lives of people on the Earth, yet people hurt the feelings of one another, spread hatred and disobey the rules and laws of righteousness set by God by making them aware of the consequences time and again from the inception of this Earth. Let truth prevail.

  48. As a good Indian I respect Arnab Goswami sir.He is common people voice.You can stop the voice but we are getting aware with all the other political role and game plan.This will give him more fame.Respec u Arnab sir.Now u all will add me some poltical whom do i dont know

  49. He was a good anchor but recently it’s only shouting in his shows ,these FIR looks pure politics but still I think his shows now lack maturity unlike in the past .Nowadays it’s like fish market where participants are busy shouting at each other with game won by arnab when it comes to decibels ……He needs to maintain neutrality like before ,sadly lacking now .The Present FIR looks only political gimmick when serious issues government is facing like economic issue and scare of covid 19

  50. Is he not a media virus more virulent than all other viruses? Round the clock he is trying to spew communal venom? He would have been behind bar for his act but for the Court. What a shame.

  51. I personally do not like the way Arnab conducts himself on TV. But then, the right to free speech and freedom of press are myths in India. That said, Arnab and his ilk should be allowed to speak as long as they are able to back their comments with convincing data and evidence so that what they say on TV are not misconstrued as communal or as having an intent to fan communal passion.

  52. Oye janta k bewkppf reporter listen, itne saalo m phli baar koi khul k bekaar sadi huee cheezo ko saamne lara h to kuch logo ko khujli hone lgi including yiu i guess…. If he is pro BJP then you are Pro Congress i guess….. Uaar hd hai khud is profession m hole is trkie se likh re ho…. Arnab kp ydi fear hota savh main to kya wo show pe logo ko itna expose krta… I really like his show.. Hie job is simple commendable aur smjdaar logo ko wo dikh bhi rkha hai google pe rank krne k liye mssaala mt lgaao aur ye tavs waali strategy mt laao saamne SEO Congress master plz stop that…. Had hoti h…. Muje aur un croro llogo ko tumhare in reports se kuch frk nhi padega smj gye… Wese bhi top rank kr ra hai…. #puchta hai bharat.. Jai hind….!! Change is persistent and we are with this change

  53. I am a true indian and hindu too but tv channels like Republic tv should be banned immediately for biased reporting no substance only noise. Sorry Arnab ji better join politics and cry on stage.

  54. Kripya apna samay tu tu Mai mei na barbad kare
    samajj bat chuka hai parinam bhankar hoge.Vaise bhi desh mahamari ke sankat mei hai.
    Sakaratmak soch rakhe.Ye bekar ki bato mei na uljhe.ye sab ke liye kafi samay bachega phir kar lenge

  55. Arnab, is a villain in Media and destroying against the National unity. He is spreading communalism , hatred and mis leading allegations for his personal interest and monetary benefit. He is a BJP activist and nobody can accept him as a Journalist. The real journalists, celebrities and leaders from various sections need to come out and talk against these kind of worms in our society.

  56. Mr.Arnab Goswami should be arrest and keep jail permanently up to his life. Because dangerous person to the harmony living peoples.

  57. Many people don’t know about Arnab Goswami,he always plays realistic shows on tv ? Being true is a crime ?, Foolish people backs congress goons,before this why can’t you arrest sonia gandhi goons? she is playing with honest people of india… she is forcing goons to file fir s against Arnab everywhere in india,she showed her bad intentions, I think supreme court will help to come out Arnab….jai hind

  58. Myself and all the followers of Truth in our Motherland stand together and fully back this Braveheart Shri.Arnab Goswami, for fighting against the Injustice,Without any fear or favour. May GOD BLESS him to succeed and shine like a diamond in all his endeavours for ever.

  59. Two Hindu sadhus,one of them 71 years old,along with their driver were lynched in the presence of 14 policemen.For three to four days the news was blocked.When media started asking questions (Arnab in particular) the state govt and the lutiyan gang had no answer.
    Finally they have come up with the age old idea of kill the messenger.
    In these days of social media they will fail .
    Long live freedom of speech.


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