“Arnab Goswami, you run a Banana Republic channel”: Rajdeep Sardesai launches unprecedented attack on Republic TV founder; roasting from Kiku Sharda, Krushna Abhishek on The Kapil Sharma Show

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Rajdeep Sardesai has launched an unprecedented attack on Arnab Goswami by accusing him of running a ‘Banana Republic channel’ days after Kiku Sharda and Krushna Abhishek of The Kapil Sharma Show brutally roasted the Republic TV founder for his recent on-air rant targeting Salman Khan.

Sardesai lost his cool during his broadcast on India Today TV channel as he said, “Today I am going to say, ‘Arnab Goswami, you run a Banana Republic channel. You run a channel that has deliberately created a media trial for whatever your ends are. But do not bring journalism down to the level that you have. This is the only advice that I will give you. This is not what journalism is about. You want me to name and shame, I will name and shame today because I have kept quiet for two and half months and listened to the crap that you’ve put out on air with only one purpose you had- to try and get rating points. There’s something more than TRP my friend. It’s called Television Respect Points.”

Goswami had attacked Sardesai, his former boss at NDTV, after the latter secured an exclusive interview with actress Rhea Chakraborty. Goswami, who’s been claiming that Sushant Singh Rajput was murdered, was left disappointed recently after an AIIMS panel concluded that the 34-year-old actor from Bihar had committed suicide. “Sushant’s death is a case of suicide. Murder completely ruled out,” Dr Sudhir Gupta was quoted by India Today.

Frustrated by the findings of the AIIMS panel, Goswami had decided to make public the content of a telephonic conversation between one of his colleagues and Dr. Sudhir Gupta from the premier medical institute.

Goswami had to face brutal roasting by the cast of The Kapil Sharma Show over the weekend as Kiku Sharda and Krushna Abhishek mocked the controversial anchor and his colleague Pradeep Bhandari.


  1. Republic TV may be run by BJP MP Rajeev C but it should hardly mean only ridiculing the opposition and not critique the Govt when it goes wrong.

  2. More Sardesai, why are you losing your temper. The country knows what you were doing under UPA. You are an economic offender and you enjoy no moral authority to snub Arnab.
    This news channel

  3. You idiots are biased against Arnab. You always post anything and everything in which Arnab is targeted. Shame on you and this asshole Rajdeep Sardesai

  4. While I m not endorsing the kind of anchoring arnab does or debates he conducts, one must admit that he is incorruptible unlike many journalists in India.
    As regards to Rajdeep journalism, the whole world knows his integrity and he needs to b reminded about cash for votes SCAM.

  5. Bravo Rajdeep Sardesai, I was waiting for this day when a veteran journalist and anchor would call out Arnab Goswami LOUD & CLEAR for the mockery he is making of journalism in India. It is shocking what this lunatic has been allowed to get away with under the garb of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. What about individuals right to respect and privacy ? He broke all rules and ethics of journalism. He and his clowns in the field have whipped up mass hysteria and hate campaign, defaming and destroying peoples lives and career with exaggerated and trumped up charges. That poor girl Rhea Chakraborty has been vilified and turned into the most hated object in the country by a frenzied bunch baying for her blood.

  6. “EGO and over confidence are the ultimate parameters of self-destruction” self note to Arnab Goswami and Kangana Ranaut who make outrageous statements to grab media headlines. They should be banned and ignored.

  7. ARnab too big for his shoes. he calls panel and questions them but never listen to the penalist in fact he never give them chance to speak.
    useless person arman… you have to n civilized in today’s society


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