Big setback to Arnab Goswami and Kangana Ranaut as claims on Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder busted; Republic TV founder had mocked Salman Khan with ‘Bigg Boss of drugs’ jibe


A team of doctors from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, popularly known as AIIMS, has reportedly ruled out the murder theory in the tragic death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The newsbreak by NDTV has sharply contradicted the claims made by Arnab Goswami and pro-BJP actress Kangana Ranaut as both of them had declared Sushant’s death as murder. Goswami had launched a tirade against Salman Khan with the ‘Bigg Boss of drugs’ jibe and questioned his silence on the matter.

Quoting sources, NDTV reported that the team of AIIMS doctors had ruled out the theories of poisoning and strangling floated by the actor’s family and their lawyer. The report added that the AIIMS panel had submitted its report to the CBI and closed the file.

“Sushant’s death is a case of suicide. Murder completely ruled out,” Dr Sudhir Gupta was quoted by India Today.

The revelation on the AIIMS panel ruling out the murder angle has come as a huge setback to Kangana and Goswami as both of them ran a sustained campaign to prove that Sushant was murdered.

Last month, Goswami had said on his Republic TV show, “We have the details of the AIIMS forensic report for you tonight and one thing is clear as we keep you ahead on this story. There are a million lapses in the Mumbai Police investigation that has now been proven. It’s now been proven that elementary details were not followed,”

Goswami had then moved on to claim that the CBI was close to invoking Section 302 of the IPC, implying that Sushant Singh Rajput was murdered. Goswami thundered last month, “..The CBI is now close to filing 302 case. 302 ladies and gentlemen, 302 for murder.”

Kangana too has fervently claimed that Sushant’s death was a case of a planned murder. She had even tweeted, “I am more than willing to help @narcoticsbureau but I need protection from the centre government, I have not only risked my career but also my life, it is quiet evident Sushanth knew some dirty secrets that’s why he has been killed.”

In a video blog, Kangana had said, “In his last interviews, he (Sushant) is clearly asking why is the industry not accepting him. He felt like a leftover. Do you feel that this does not hold importance in this incident (his demise),” she asked. “This was not a suicide but a planned murder. The only mistake that Sushant made was to succumb to their planning.”

As expected, netizens took to social media to mock Goswami and Kangana.


  1. Now the case is clear with the AIIMS report in place..y was the Media going ahead without any proof and wasting Indians time..
    So much of time wasted..who is responsible for this.. Media could have dealt with so many important things which Indians r looking forth like job creation, covid-19 discussion, Economic of the country and many othrrs, but Media just spoke of only sushant case Will the Media ask forgiveness from the Indians.
    Now everybody understands what Media is up to…
    They should solely for the country.

  2. Enough is enough. Now is the time to lodge cases against Arnab Goswami and Kangana Ranaut for bringing disrepute to Maharashtra Government and it’s police force dealing with Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case.

  3. The tragic demise of sushant has recieved its verdict from A. I. I. M. S the confirmation of suicide has relived many from the agony of very disturbing theatrics by Arnab and kangana . A perfect rape and murder has been locked in the forgotten file’s. Madam Kangana has it not hurt you to raise your voice against the rape and murder in U. P. The young child was cremated without the willingness of the family. Fight for a good cause that may not bring you publicity but certainly contentment to your conscience.

  4. The bloody pimp of a barking dog should now be thrashed in public,,, he has shown to all that his brag, swag and his cheap yelling has and will bring him to his knees,,,, the police and courts should now sue him for defamation of character,, a bastard of the highest otder he is

    • So now you will decide who he is, people like should be ashamed for supporting culprits. Look in the mirror you will know who and what you are

  5. AIIMS has not ruled out the murder theory, don’t spread rumour & baseless information, get your facts checked… act sensible and responsible

  6. It’s all about TRP’s for the channel. Arnab is not really concerned about Sushant. Whatever sensationalism he can create works for him. But it’s the supposedly more sensible people who appear on his shows supporting him who should do a re-think.


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