AAP government to launch online Manifesto Tracker


AAP government is planning to launch an online manifesto tracker to get people’s feedback on the poll promises, the party had made. The platform would be created in coordination with the Stanford University.

The online tracker will allow people to rate the government’s performance on delivering its key election promises. The tracker will ensure that AAP government is held accountable to the people for the promises it made.

It will also help people to know the status of different government projects and schemes.

Roshan Shankar, advisor to the Delhi government said, “The manifesto tracker will keep an eye on the promises made by the AAP in its election manifesto. But we are making it better. Ours would be a two-way system in which the government will also use the tracker to let people know the development on the projects it has been undertaking. This will truly democratise the political system, make the government accountable to the people and elevate politics above just winning elections.”

The manifesto tracker is likely to be launched at the end of this year, a senior official said.

US President Barack Obama had created a similar manifesto tracker in coordination with Stanford University. A US based website PolitiFact.com had created Obameter to track President Obama’s poll promises.