Hollywood’s ‘Hulk’ supports #SolarBihar campaign in Dharnai


Hollywood’s Hulk and the Avengers actor, Mark Ruffalo has lent his support to the #SolarBihar project, a campaign by the Centre for Environment and Energy Development, which aims in making the state 100% solar. The actor extended his support to the project by announcing it on Twitter.

CEED is helping a village called Dharnai in Bihar to go completely solar and so, is calling celebrities to promote the campaign and explain the benefits of renewable sources of energy to people.

The campaign is already been supported by Bollywood actors Sanjay Mishra, Manoj Bajpayee, Vinay Pathak, Neetu Chandra, Shekhar Sumar are urging people to adopt sustainable and renewable energy through their ‘I am 100% Bihar’ campaign.


Dharnai is  a small remote village in Bihar which was in darkness and without electricity for almost three decades after a transformer got burnt down in their electricity supply line. All daily chores since the were being performed in daylight and under fire instead of electricity.

The initiative of solar power project was undertaken by a resident of Dharnai who had a personal solar panel installed in his house. He later got in touch with an organisation to install solar panels for the entire village.


CEED and Greenpeace are making efforts to generate 30 kW to run water pumps and provide electricity in houses of around 2400 villagers.

The project was launched by the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2011 with an aim to generate 20,000-megawatt solar energy for sustaining power requirement of the country. Narendra Modi took this project forward and raised the bar to 1 lakh MW.

If this project proved to be a success, Bihar will become the first Indian state to be fully solar powered.

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