Currency chaos as ATMs have either no money or are dysfunctional


Hapless citizens thronged ATMs across the country to withdraw new currency notes on Friday but only to discover that most of the machines weren’t working leading to currency chaos. There were plenty of complaints of non-availability of cash or, in other cases, ATMs have simply been dysfunctional, reported News18.

Banks focus on loading ATMs ahead of long weekend

This after the central government assured that ATMs will be operational from Friday onward after they were made unusable for the first two days since Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement on demonetisation.

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Those affected have been reporting their woes using social media’s help. Twitter in particular has been inundated with photos of long queues and complaints of non-availability of cash.

ATMs and banks were closed post Modi’s announcement primarily to stockpile cash. Banks had opened on Thursday but ATMs remained closed in most parts of the country even on the second day yesterday.

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  1. People are standing in long ques for money but they have to be watchful & cautious also as there is a possibility that the government institution can be misused to make the black money into white .As every body knows about rampant corruption prevailing in india. if black money hoarders have source in cash division of different government departments ie electricity department /hospital/schools/colleges /revenue department / licensing department/ drug/ income tax/ sales tax/ / PWD so on so on they can easily convert Rs500 /1000 notes into 100 Rs notes by giving the minimum bribe.


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