After Arnab Goswami, now Sudhir Chaudhary of Zee News faces arrest in Kerala; day after powerful demand made to ban right-wing TV channels in UAE


The noose is tightening around the perpetrators of fake news in India, who’ve long got a free reign to use their respective media platforms to cause fissures in the society by pushing the communal agenda. A day after Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami moved the Supreme Court fearing arrest in a new police complaint, Sudhir Chaudhary of Zee News has landed himself in a spot of bother for the same reason. The controversial anchor of Zee News is facing arrest in Kerala after a police complaint was filed against him under non-bailable sections on Thursday.

Sudhir Chaudhary

A visibly rattled Chaudhary took to social media to allege that authorities were attempting to curb his free speech by filing an FIR. He also shared a copy of the FIR in Malayalam, accusing him of broadcasting his DNA programme on 11 March 2020 to hurt the religious sentiments of the Muslim community.

In the said programme, Chaudhary had plagiarised a Facebook post to teach his viewers about different forms of Jihad in a bid to demonise the Muslim community.

Sharing the copy of the police FIR, Chaudhary wrote on Twitter, “Here’s my Pulitzer Prize for reporting the truth.Sharing the citation— an FIR filed against me by the Kerala police under nonbailable sections.The award for exposing inconvenient facts.A clear msg for media.If u don’t toe the decades old pseudo-secular line you’ll be behind bars. (sic)”

His subsequent tweet read, “This is the price for daring to speak against #ZameenJihad in Jammu,#LoveJihad in Kerala, PFI funding of CAA protests, and for daring to enter Shaheen Bagh. I have all the respect for the law but these tactics won’t stop me. Bring it on!”

Chaudhary was seen seeking support on social media and thanked the members of the Hindutva brigade for launching Twitter trends in his favour.

Earlier this week, Arnab Goswami had moved the Supreme Court fearing arrest after a new FIR was filed against him in a case relating to his coverage of the gathering of migrant workers outside the Bandra railway station. Goswami was accused of maligning the Muslim community in a bid to stir up communal tension by deliberately focussing on a mosque in the vicinity even though the place of worship had no relevance to the story.

On Wednesday, UAE-based English newspaper Gulf News had published a scathing editorial demanding a ban on Indian TV channels across the gulf countries. Calling them the ‘preachers of hate,’ the newspaper had named Goswami’s Republic TV and Chaudhary’s Zee News among others that it wanted to be banned across the Arab world since they were exporting the narrative of hate against Muslims from India to the gulf countries.


  1. I have seen the DNA programmes on Zee tv channel regularly. I can absolutely vouch for the correctness of the facts expressed there, which are nothing but truths and truths only. The journalists whom the JKR reporters are branding as as hate mongers, are actually the eyes and ears of the silent majority population of India. We do not bother a bit about the reports and views of Gulf news or JKR.

    • Absolutely right they are showing the real picture n who the hell Gulf is to comment on that They all are supporters of terrorism n funding such activities. Great work is being done by such journalists. Get all problematic people out of India if they are Muslims take them out n send them to Gulf Bloody Saudi to fuck off

      • Who the fuck are you to tell Muslims to get out of our country… We are born here.. if you are that great enough then why the fuck you people go gulf then.. shut n sit in india.. you go there for living… You are majority here so you try to supress muslims here.. can u even try to fight an Arab there.. gaand mardega tera…so only thing u can do is say hindu hindu and sit here since ur majority.. nothing else… So do that.. don’t tell who should go out n who should be here… India is democracy and people like you spoil that… Chatu kayi ka

        • Who the fuck you are to support the com munal muzzlims? Gulf media is absolutely anti Indian, anti Hindu, psudo-secular sick communal, it also speaks for Wahabism-Salafism, why do you listen to and believe that unless you too have the same mind?

      • Please do it at the earliest, if you feel a common Muslim is behind this. Muslims in general have contributed a lot to our beloved motherland and you cannot move muslims even an inch from here. I dare you to do this act and if you cannot than why you have so much hatered towards Muslims.

      • Mind your language.your language shows the level of your knowledge.
        Before making comment better study thoroghly n look in to facts.

        There thousands of Hindus n muslims living with lots of harmony n love,n affection towards each other.Why to spoil others peace.
        Lett pray for thr peace n well being of the whole humanity

      • Tum saale Sawarkar k najayaz aulaad… Musalmano k tukdo per palne wale… Tumhari behen beti hamare yaha mujra kiya karti thi… Aur aaj bhi karti hai… Agar ek baap ki aulad hai to musalman desho se petrol lena band karke dikao…

    • Even NIA has investigated and reported the’ Lovejihad ‘ was a media creation and an anti muslim propagation. When people like you swallow these zeenews kinda vomitus, once in a while update yourself with facts and real news around! Save yourself from communal agendas.

      • All those who are spreading hatred and fake propaganda must be punished. And it is disgusting that some bhakts believe that what is being shown is correct. If they are true bhakts let them get facts.

      • 0NE EYED ZAlDA, Even DAW00D lBRAHlM’s crime is not proven, does that mean he is a saint? There are many incidents of L0VE ZlHAD complaints from several established media, even Church association of Kerala, ans cases like Hadia, Nimisha, Mariam, and dozens of ONLY IZLAMIC convesion cases, some even resulting to join ISIS in muzlim appeaser and in malluland as the last fort of communists in the entire nation, makes it impossible to neglect by sensible people, not by one eyed lady like you.

    • Why some people are worried & scared from Sudhir & Arnab…after all they also have freedom of expression. If they dont have then no one has!!! wat abt people who are spreading Hate & Provoking people with Anti India & Anti Hindu statements & tweets. Every thing is on reccord and if GOI goes ahead with taking legal action then half of media,twitters, activits & politician will be behind bars

      • Whenever and wherever Muslims have done wrong, they have paid the huge price but I urge Muslims to file FIR’s wherever similar wrong doing by others should also taste the law. I am confidant that honourable courts will uphold the law the same goes for all Indians.

        • They now are about to pay on this communal case of land-grab in kashmir. By the way, are you also involved in this land grab?

  2. Thank god.. Now I’m getting a relief that there r humans other than Hindutva Terrorists in this country..
    Thank you so much my dear Hindu Citizens…U have shown the unity and represented what INDIA Means..

  3. Mr. Bose – this is the exact kind of blind faith in religious bigotry that the silent majority in India is trying correct through the FIR and courts of law.

  4. Anchors and journalists the likes of this one and POORNAB,, the barking machine should be banned and thrashed in public g or creating hatred and dividing the nation based on religion,,, why is the govt so unpurturbed and deaf??? Is it because they too spinsor such talks and spread such hatred and divisive tactics,,,,,, Carona has not taught any of these idiots a lesson,,, shame on them,,, reason being when yeoman service is done be it in the form of doctors,, nurses,,,, food,,, donations,,, then do they classify it as different religious acts,,,, our pokiticians are thick skinned, they can never change

  5. Jail these perpetrators of violence under the guise of journalists. The should be flogged in the market place and jailed for 7 years.

  6. Leave Kerala alone you cowherds. This is not Uttar Pradesh or nautanki state. It’s a state of literate, prosperous, productive and give a damn to religion. We are well accepted and our skills high in demand in other countries. You journalist should focus on the so called Gujarat model states lol

    • Dear PlGHERD owners son, this is the super nautanki last communist fort of India, the super dictatorial mallu state, champion in one-sided conversion and conversion marriages, donot step out of malluland, otherwise, you will get oxygen rich air for breating, which is not there in malluland and you die of breating.

  7. Arnab Goswami and Sudhir Chaudhary is doing a job in real sense. Out of dozens of states why only this 1 state is having a prob is that related to INC. I don’t know why the other journalist are scared to show the real face as shown by this 2. Great job our country Hindustan is with you go ahead.

  8. You file any number of case against these journalist to suppress them but our supreme court will give justice to them since There is nothing in thier report which demeans any religion. They only point out jihadi is being used as a bargaining tool and to destabilise the nation. Do.e of these lutyens and afraid gang who oppose Our PM at the influence of some institutions dont like these journalist supporting the govt for their good work

  9. If a case is filed against me in the lower court’s I have the right to have my legal rights through top court’s. But Janata ka reporter says that arnab went to supreme court due to fear of arrest. Every one in this country have rights to move to top court.why don’t you?. So you are not Janata ka reporter you are a false reporter and antinational

  10. Good. Both of them and all such anchors to be banned. They spread lies and fake news targetting religion. U give them money and they will target any religion as thier religion is only money. And few people whose mind have become the same way like this mindless anchors would support them and give stupid arguments and claims to justify them. Time never remain same for anyone.

  11. This is the same idiot sudhir who went to that jail for extortion and the same useless fellow who in his dna program said that there is a chip in 2000 rupee note. Bikahua journalist. Fit for nothing

  12. Gulf News has rightly raised the issue of banning Republic TV, Zee News, ABP News, Sudarshan News, etc in Gulf Countries as they are not only spreading hatred against Muslims and Islam in India and Abroad. And the people who are paying the price are Indians working in GCC. People like Arnab Goswami, Sudhir Chaudhary, Amish Devgan, Rajat Sharma need to pay the price of the journalism they are doing. They are dividing Indian society in this difficult time to appease the bosses in BJP government. They can’t fool India for long. Let the sense prevail.

    • Gulf media is truely anti Indian, communal, Supports Wahabism-Salafism, why do you listen to and believe that unless you too are communal?

    • You mean fearless true journalism to expose crimimals, protected by seculars, like illegal communal land grabbing by muzlims in jammu-kashmir? Bravo, communal hero.

  13. What about RSS they are also terrorists.
    And for your kind information your so halled journalist SUDHIR TIHARI went toTIHAR jail in charges of extortion and black mailing.
    And the hell gulf is where more than 10 million indians getting their bread and butter and giving billions of remittance to grow Indian economy.
    So before giving a comments just check the facts

    • Which commu al fool says RSS a terrorist, what proof you had? They have their efficient welfare group, and when your mallu-land was drowning in flood, they were one of the first to set us relief camps there.
      Do not spit communal venom.

  14. Arnab, Sudhir and Devgan are media terrorists and responsible for most of the hate crimes plaguing our country today. They need to be put behind bars. Their main job is to spread fake news to create communal divide and serve the ruling party for some bucks. How mean they can be!!!

  15. Gulf media is absolutely anti Indian, anti Hindu, psudo-secular sick communal, it also speaks for Wahabism-Salafism, why do you listen to and believe that unless you too have the same mind?

  16. Who the commu nal you are to support the criminal muzzlims of land grabs? Gulf media is absolutely anti Indian, anti Hindu, psudo-secular sick communal, it also speaks for Wahabism-Salafism, why do you listen to and believe that unless you too have the same mind?

  17. Tell me mallus, how the fucker mallu communists get involved in this kadhmir land grab by commu nal izlaamists? Are these dictatorial mallu communists involved in Kashmir land grab too?

  18. Sen-seless mallu, why are you supporting corruption of illegal land grab in kashmir by communal muzzlims? Do you have your DlRTY SHARE D0NKEY MALLU?


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