Rishi Sunak sacks MP from government post after calling for end to genocide in Gaza

Rishi Sunak
Photo: Sky News

Britain’s first-ever Hindu Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has sacked one of its MPs from a government post after he asked for the end to genocide in Gaza. Paul Bristow worked as a parliamentary private secretary in the Sunak government.

The Conservative MP from Peterborough had said, “A permanent ceasefire would save lives and allow for a continued column of humanitarian aid [to] reach the people who need it the most.

“Access to water, electricity and fuel is vital for the Palestinian people. My constituents and I would be grateful for your comments on the actions our government is taking to ensure that people in Gaza do not face collective punishment for the crimes of Hamas.”

A spokesperson from 10 Downing Street said that Bristow had been asked to leave his government post for his comments that “were not consistent with the principles of collective responsibility.”

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Sunak and his government along with the opposition leader Keir Starmer have faced widespread condemnation for their unequivocal support to Israel in carrying out war crimes in Gaza. More than 8,000 civilians including nearly 4,000 babies have been brutally killed by Israeli terrorists masquerading as members of the military.

Hundreds of office-bearers from Starmer’s Labour party have resigned in protest against his obnoxious stand on the Israel-Palestine conflict. There are more than four million Muslims in the UK forming 7% of the country’s population. Most of them have traditionally voted for Labour. Starmer’s controversial stand in favour of Israel’s war crimes against Palestine’s civilian population including babies have prompted many of them to vow to never vote for the Labour party in the future.

Reacting to his sacking from the government, Bristow said that he would now be able to freely air his opinion on the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Gaza.