“Isn’t it enough that you killed everyone?”: Israeli woman in Hamas’ captivity lashes out at ‘war criminal’ Benjamin Netanyahu


An Israeli woman, currently in the captivity of Hamas, has lashed out at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, widely being labeled as a war criminal, for his military and political failure.
Israeli woman
Those seen in the video have been identified as Elena Trupanov, Danielle Aloni and Rimon Kirsht. One woman, seated in the centre, could be heard speaking to the camera while slamming Netanyahu.

“Hi Bibi Netanyahu. Shalom (greeting in Hebrew). We have been held captive by Hamas for 23 days. We know that there was supposed to be a ceasefire. And you were supposed to set us all free. You vowed to free us all.”

She went on to add, “Instead, we are suffering because of your political, security and military failure. We are citizens who pay taxes to the State of Israel. We are now in captivity. You are killing us. Do you want to kill us? Do you want Israeli army to kills us? Isn’t it enough that you killed everyone? Release us now. Release their prisoners and citizens. Set us all free.”

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The video comes on the same day that Israel claimed to free one of its female soldiers from the Hamas captivity. Hamas had taken more than 200 Israeli military personnel and civilians as hostages when its fighters launched audacious attacks in the occupied territory of Israel on 7 October.

Israel has claimed that the 7 October attacks killed 1,400 Israelis. Since then, Israel has launched unimaginable retaliatory attacks on the civilian population of Gaza, killing more than 8,000 people with nearly 4,000 of them being babies.


Netanyahu has faced condemnation for committing war crimes by targeting babies, in some cases unborn, as Israeli terrorists targeted hospitals with missiles and white phosphorus, a substance banned by the United Nations.

Even United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres attacked the Israeli terrorists for breaking international humanitarian law. This led Israelis to demand the UN Secretary General’s resignation.