“Libya in our neighbourhood”: BJP MP Subramanian Swamy offers radical solution to Sri Lanka crisis; reference to Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination


BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian has offered a radical solution to the ongoing crisis in Sri Lanka terming it as ‘Libya in our neighbourhood.’ Swamy said that India must send its army to ‘restore constitutional sanity’ on the island nation with a swipe at Sonia Gandhi for forgiving the killer of Rajiv Gandhi.

 Subramanian Swamy

Swamy wrote, “India must send in the Indian Army to restore Constitutional sanity. At present anti Indian foreign forces are taking advantage of people’s anger. This affects India’s national security.”

The last time India sent the army to Sri Lanka was in the 80s when Rajiv Gandhi was the country’s prime minister. This led to Gandhi’s assassination by LTTE terrorists in 1991.

Swamy appeared to take a potshot at Sonia Gandhi by saying that Rajiv Gandhi’s widow now wants to forgive her husband’s killer, Nalini.

Sri Lanka has slipped into utter lawlessness after peaceful protesters turned violent this week after being attacked by the supporters of the government. They burned houses belonging to ministers, prompting Mahinda Rajapaksa to resign as the country’s prime minister. One MP was killed in the violence.

Swamy said that those resorting to violence did not deserve any mercy. “Burning down the residences even of the Prime Minister, shooting dead MPs by mobs means rioters don’t deserve any mercy. We cannot allow another Libya in our neighbourhood,” the outspoken BJP politician wrote on Twitter.

Reacting to reports of Sri Lanka’s possible merger with India, Swamy said, “No educated India today talks of Sri Lanka merging. Sri Lanka. Tamil Tigers had interfered in India’s internal affairs&even committed dastardly act of assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. Of course we then finished LTTE presence in a india,& Rajapaksha brothers finished them totally.”

Meanwhile, several former Sri Lankan cricketers have urged people to refrain from violence even as they extended their support to those holding protests against the economic crisis in the country.