British Home Secretary Sajid Javid announces candidature to become first Muslim Prime Minister of UK


British Home Secretary Sajid Javid has announced his candidature to become the next Conservative party leader. If elected, he will become the first Muslim prime minister of Britain. Theresa May was also the Home Secretary when she succeeded the then Prime Minister David Cameron.

Sajid Javid
Photo: AFP (BBC)

Javid took to Twitter to post a short video message stating that the party needed to ‘restore trust, bring unity and create new opportunities across the UK.’ He wrote, “I’m standing to be the next leader of the @Conservatives & Prime Minister of our great country. We need to restore trust, bring unity and create new opportunities across the UK. First and foremost, we must deliver Brexit.”

Javid said that the Monday’s results of the European elections that saw his party garner less than 10% of the total vote, compared to nearly 25% in 2014 made it ‘all too clear’ that the government ‘must get on and deliver Brexit to ensure there is renewed trust in our democracy.’

He added, “We must bridge divides to heal communities, reminding us of our shared values as a United Kingdom, and we must strengthen our society and economy so that everyone can benefit from the opportunities which a prosperous nation provides.”

Javid is the 9th Tory MP to announce his bid to become the next Britsh prime minister. This was after British Prime Minister Theresa May on 24 May announced her resignation amidst a raging row over her failure to secure an acceptable Brexit deal. May had said that she will will leave office on Friday, 7 June.

In 2016, Sadiq Khan of the Labour Party had become the first Muslim to become the Mayor of London.