Online Users Give Big Thumbs Up to Kejriwal’s 100 Days


The Super-5 opinion poll on 100 days of the AAP government in Delhi was created on the Janta Ka Reporter website on 24 May 2015. The poll received the highest number of hits on the second day which was May 25. A total of 2716 clicks were registered on that day. 1452 hits were registered on day one and 368 before the poll was closed on 26 May 2015. So a total of 4,536 votes came in.

We asked you five questions and the breakup of votes and the result is as follows:


As the Kejriwal led Delhi government completed 100 days of its governance in Delhi, the party held a public rally termed “Janta Ki Cabinet” in the heart of the capital – at Central Park in Connaught Place. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal pushed for full statehood for Delhi.

The Delhi CM had received permission for the public meeting from the Delhi Police, which reports not to his government but the Centre. According to reports, over six thousand people attended the public discussion.

Delhi government’s entire council of ministers were present on the stage to share all the work and projects undertaken by them in the last 100 days and also shared the future course of action with the public.

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