Karma: BJP’s BC Nagesh, whose hijab ban as Karnataka education minister deprived Muslim girls of education, loses elections


BJP leader BC Nagesh, whose decision to impose a ban on hijab meant that thousands of Muslim girls were deprived of education, has lost his seat in this year’s Karnataka elections. Nagesh lost to his Congress rival K Shadakshari by more than 17,000 votes in Tiptur assembly constituency.

As education minister in the BJP government, Nagesh had cruelly imposed hijab ban to ensure that Muslim girls did not go to schools or colleges.

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The news of Nagesh’s defeat prompted many to conclude on social media that the BJP leader was hit by karma. Notably, among those celebrating Nagesh’s defeat also include a large number of Hindus. This shows the change in society in this key south Indian state, where the BJP led by Narendra Modi had left no stone unturned to spread the venom of communal venom.

The Congress has won a landslide in Karnataka elections by winning 136 out of 224 seats, ousting the BJP out of power. Modi had held countless election rallies and road shows as he desperately tried to communalise the elections. But voters of Karnataka decided to teach him and his party a lesson.