BJP wanted ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’, faces humiliating defeat in Karnataka as #BJPMuktSouthIndia trends


The BJP is headed to a humiliating defeat in Karnataka as the Congress makes an extraordinary return to power in the key southern Indian state. According to the Election Commission Data, the Congress is set to win 135 seats in the 224-seat Karnataka assembly. The BJP, which had formed the government in Karnataka by engineering defections from the opposition parties, has been reduced to just 64 seats. This despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi holding innumerable road shows and election rallies and desperately trying to add a communal colour to the BJP’s election campaign.

No sooner did it become clear that the Congress was returning to power in Karnataka, netizens took to social media to take a potshot reminding how the Hindutva party had lost the only south Indian state it government. This has led hashtag #BJPMuktSouthIndia to trend on Twitter.

An overwhelming majority of social media users felt that Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Joda Yatra to unite the country against BJP’s campaign of hate had played a key role in ensuring a victory for the Congress party.