BJP IT Cell Chief Amit Malviya loses cool on LIVE TV after party’s humiliating defeat in Karnataka, insults India Today anchor Rajdeep Sardesai


BJP IT Cell chief Amit Malviya was an angry man on Saturday as the results for the Karnataka assembly polls began to arrive thick and fast. Such was his anger that he lost his cool on a LIVE TV and targeted India Today anchor Rajdeep Sardesai with his nasty jibes. In response, Sardesai offered Malviya Mysore Pak, a special delicacy from Karnataka.

What appeared to irk Malviya was Sardesai’s inference that the BJP had ;paid a heavy price for fighting the Karnataka elections along the communal lines. A visibly irate Malviya said, “…But for you to suggest there were issues like hijab and halal and others were responsible. It’s your propaganda. You should focus on writing your third book about how the BJP wins 20224 (Lok Sabha polls).”

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Much to his credit, Sardesai kept his composure and politely asked Malviya why he was angry, advising him to smile.

“Don’t give me so much of importance. I’m a simple man. Smile,” Sardesai said.

Malviya continued to launch his tirade before launching personal jibes as he said, “We actually think you’re of no use. You are a propagandist. You should retire. You’re 58. You should go….You should go and prostrate in front of Sonia Gandhi and ask her to give you a Rajya Sabha seat.”

Sardesai managed to keep his cool even in the midst of an extreme provocation and told the motormouth BJP IT Cell chief to not intimidate him before asking one of his colleagues to give Malviya some Mysore Pak.

As expected, Malviya faced widespread condemnation for his personal attacks on India Today anchor.

The Congress won a landslide in the Karnataka assembly polls by winning 135 out of 224 seats. The BJP, which governed the state was reduced to just 66. The Congress also won Jayanagar seat but Soumya Reddy’s lead of 160 votes was later reversed after several rounds of recounting only to be later declared as a loser by 16 votes. The Congress has vowed to challenge the questionable decision of the Election Commission of India in the court of law.