ANI faces ridicule for distributing PTI’s video to its clients claiming own


Pro-BJP news agency ANI is facing social media ridicule after it was caught stealing a video shot by a rival news agency, PTI. Worse, ANI decided to monetise the PTI’s by selling the content to its subscribers.

The matter came to light after PTI took to social media to reveal ANI’s dodgy act. It tweeted, “Subscriber advisory: The following video footage shot by PTI’s team at the UN has been used without authorisation by another agency. ADGPI has also used the clips on their social media handle but with proper credit to PTI. We want to keep our esteemed subscribers informed about such acts of plagiarism. Please exercise caution.”

PTI’s UN correspondent Yoshita Singh also tweeted, “This video is PTI property and has been used without authorisation.”

ANI said that all videos and photos from the UN were provided to it by the Indian army. It tweeted, “All videos and pictures of the above event were provided to ANI officially by the Indian Army for further syndication (no additional attribution instructions provided).”

ANI Editor Smita Prakash tweeted, “The ‘credit’ to PTI was an afterthought 2 hours ago in a tweet. The syndication of pix were last night by ADGPI with no credit instructions,”

Meanwhile, ANI has become a butt of jokes on social media as netizens ridiculed the pro-BJP news agency.

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