When Arnab Goswami’s bosses stopped him from hosting ‘mega’ farewell show


Times Now’s former editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami, was not allowed to host a ‘mega’ edition of a four-hour show on Times Now by the channel’s management, sources have told Janta Ka Reporter.

Arnab was reportedly keen to invite big names of politics, sports and entertainment on his planned ‘farewell’ edition of News Hour, but the channel’s CEO, MK Anand, abruptly told staff on 17 November that the anchor would be presenting his last debate show on 18 November.

Anand also reportedly added that the last episode of News Hour with Arnab will be just like any other debate shows he had presented in the past.

Photo: India Today

One Times Now staff, who was present in the office when Anand made this sudden announcement, said, “We were all taken aback by the announcement. The CEO’s tone body language said it all that the management was in no mood to allow Arnab to have even one show of his choice before he left the channel.”

Another Times Now reporter said that the CEO’s public snub for Arnab was conclusive evidence that all wasn’t well with him and his bosses.

Janta Ka Reporter had exclusively reported how Arnab was, in effect, sacked after he public disagreement with his boss Vineet Jain on the issue of banning Pakistani artists in India.

Contrary to popular perception, Arnab’s departure has not hurt the ratings of Times Now. The BARC data for the weeks since Arnab’s leaving, Times Now’s has further established its dominance in the English news genre.

This, according to the channel insiders, is because of ‘sane audience’ returning to Times Now fold.

“These sane audience are those who traditionally watched Times Now but had stopped watching because of Arnab and his perceived biases in favour of the BJP,” said the source.

In a sudden move on 1 November, the popular and controversial Times Now anchor had resigned.

He was the Editor-in-Chief and President, News, of Times Now and ET Now.





  1. I stopped watching Times now after departure of Arnab. Without Arnab there is no times now. Shame on the management of times. You acted due to pressure from vested interests and antinational elements.

  2. Times now without Arnab ? of that highly PRO CONGi Vineet Jain? Whats he going to show ..that CONG saved us all ? shame on him..hope n wish that their rating and viewership go down


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