Arnab Goswami was reportedly sacked for publicly ‘insulting’ his boss Vineet Jain


On Tuesday, Janta Ka Reporter created a social media storm of sorts after it exclusively broke the news on what would arguably the biggest development in Indian media for this year.

No sooner had the news been reported by us, social media users went into a frenzy with Arnab Goswami becoming the top national trend and the Times Now’s journalist quitting the channel becoming a subject of intense conversation on digital platforms.

Arnab Goswami
This photo was tweeted by Arnab’s colleague Megha Prasad soon after the editorial meet, where he announced his intention to move on

The journalists present in the editorial meet, specially convened by Arnab to inform them about his decision to move on, were told by the popular Newshour presenter that he had ‘resigned’ to take on new challenges.

However, TV industry is abuzz with speculation on whether Arnab quit of his own volition or he was made to resign.

One Mumbai-based Times Now journalist told Janta Ka Reporter, “Most of us didn’t believe that his decision was sudden. All was not well between him and the bosses in the Times Group. Arnab had spectacularly fallen out with his boss Vineet Jain in the recent weeks making his position in the channel untenable.”

The journalist, who wished to remain anonymous, pointed out how Arnab had given a ‘public dressing down’ to Jain when the right-wing groups demanded a ban on Pakistani actors in India.

“It’s no secret that Arnab ran a campaign against Pakistani actors being allowed to work in Bollywood. Vineet had felt otherwise and even tweeted advocating in favour of Pakistani artists. This was the beginning of the end of Arnab’s relationship with Times Now,” said the journalist.

Vineet, Arnab’s boss and the MD of Times of India group, had tweeted, “By supporting Pak artists v come out stronger globally.we get known as a liberal&peaceful nation.We isolate Pak even more among pak citizens.(sic)”

Arnab was discussing the Khoon Ki Dalali comment made by the Congress’ vice president, Rahul Gandhi on his prime time debate show Newshour, which had Ajay Alok, a JDU spokesperson, as a guest among others.

Much to Arnab’s discomfort and annoyance, Alok taunted the channel’s editor-in-chief several times by reminding him about his boss’s tweet and questioned if Times Group was indulging in hypocrisy.

This provocation prompted Arnab to declare, “Ajay Alok, my name is Arnab Goswami. I know my views and my views are consistent. And my views are consistent with the people of this country. the republic of this country and the army of this country. I DON’T CARE WHO SAYS WHAT..”

Arnab didn’t stop here. Few minutes later, he reminded Alok once again that he was responsible for his views and nobody else’s.

He said, “I will say it repeatedly. I don’t own up to anyone’s views and nobody owns my views. Am I clear to you? Nobody owns my views..”

Many of Arnab’s colleagues had found his outbursts ‘unbelievable’ as, in provocation, he appeared to have crossed the ‘red-line.’

One source said, “No doubt, Arnab has been a star for us and there was no way our bosses would let him go and his stay in the organisation was crucial to Times Now retaining its number one position in the industry. But, there comes a time when the bosses are left with no choice but to act on indiscipline. No boss would want their employees give them a public dressing down even if it is Arnab Goswami.”

Arnab’s body language and tone during the editorial meeting, where he announced his decision to part ways with Times Now wasn’t indicative of the fact that he was leaving the organisation on a good note.

Arnab reportedly kept snapping all throughout his hour-and-a-half long interaction with his colleagues. He told them on more than one occasion that he would ‘rule the industry’ once again.

When one of his colleagues informed him about how Janta Ka Reporter had broken the news exclusively even when he was midway through his conversation with his staff, he snapped once again and reportedly said, “I don’t care about this portal. Let them publish what they wish. I’ve quit now and the industry will see what I will do next. Make no mistake, I will rule the industry once again.”

It is believed that Arnab’s snapping during his interaction with staff and repeated utterances on  his intention to rule the industry suggest that the Times Now anchor isn’t leaving the organisation on a good note.

A source said, “We all know that Arnab loves to brag. But his behaviour during his interaction with us on Tuesday was unusual even by his own standard. This was symptomatic of only one fact and that he appears to have been forced to quit. Common sense would say that a journalist like Arnab, who has ruled the industry for several years would have nothing to prove for himself. But, his determination to prove his worth all over again is a sign that the decision to quit the channel has been forced upon him.”

There are many theories being discussed about Arnab’s future plans. While some say that he will soon return with his own channel in collaboration with a foreign media house, others believe the BJP is all set to support his next media initiative.

We made several attempts to seek Arnab’s reaction on Tuesday’s development, but he remained unavailable for comments. We will update this report as and when we are able to speak to him.


  1. Arnab Goswami thinks he will bounce back , he may do that only when he returns with ethical values. If he maintains his jingoism as of now today , he will vanish soon. His journalism carrier is already over.

    • You r absolutely right one more thing you missed is that he will have to come with ethical values with unbiased vision. In last few months he appeared as the biggest biased editor of indian media

  2. 1/3 nation happy with Arnab’s going but 2/3 happy he is now independent. He still has an absolute majority. No fear from anyone as long there is Modi in Parliament and Arnab on the news…it’s a mighty great combination.

  3. I was exposed to ArGO during UPA rule(when he used to take jibes on then ruling) reaching my culmination of adolescence. With a half baked brain I had then as compared to now, I told my friends this guy will kill the spirit of the fourth pillar.
    These people are the ones to be put on media trials and ousted for once and for all.

    • Ahmad..he only ruined the 4th pillar…but you and your brothers have ruined the entire country. Where ever you muslim viruses are why are you people like parasites..sucking blood of a country and still living with a shameless face and have audacity to come here and rant.. who gives this jain guy a fuck and who is he to say or tweet (his first ..responsibility *MUST* be to bring the truth and not tweet) ..the so called 4th pillar of yours…raped by the people you support which i am aware of….Ishrat Jhan was also “bihar ki beti” maybe your cousin sister…. what happened haji ? at the end..any views..Times Now will now be favorite channel of parasites..hahah just like NDTV isn’t it 😉

      • Sumer – What the F***… First things first… where did you get the Muslim angle out here? Muslims are present in the Army, we have had Muslim presidents in the past, they are there in various fields and contribute in a positive way to the country. I agree, there are some deluded Muslims who are blinded by terrorism bug, but then, which community does not have that. So, please get your head in order.

        Second.. Get your facts checked. That Jain guy, is Vineet Jain. The owner of the Times Group, which owns a lot more than just Times Now. Don’t teach him (and us) about tweeting. He can very well do that within his right, just as you have your own to post the above message.

        Lastly, look at your contribution to the country. Do not point fingers at Ahmed, or Hari or John or Gurvinder or Gautam or peoole from other castes. You look within yourself. That should suffice.

        A proud Muslim and a equally proud India (if not more)

      • Ahem!.. Mr Sumer, could you please tell me what have you done for the country ? do you know how many Indian muslim freedom fighters have fought for this country ? typical bhakth mentality..

      • Every dog has its day. Who is Sumer to judge other Indians. India is not his pops property to say that muslims have no place. He should be charged with sedition for inciting hate among people of different faiths and every Indian regardless of his faith have equal rights .

      • Wow, Sumer, when there is Islamaphobia, there is only hatred and ignorance. Dangerous combination for a country in someone who claims to be a patriot. Your language also shows your level of maturity and reasoning.

  4. Vineet Jain you can kiss my a$$….Times NOW….bye bye

    India does not decide on tweets like these idiots converted lower caste Jains. who do not have brains…did some one told this idiot Jain the money these pakistani actors make in India is donated to NGOs in pakistan (without knowing) which are run by people like hafiz and gangs which ends up being used against India..onik onik dick head Jain…before you tweet your full research….and by the way your role should be to bring the truth and not to make or influence opinion. Haha…sucker..running NEWS..hahahaha..

  5. //And my views are consistent with the people of this country.// –
    He still thinks his views are with the people of the country, still living in the dark or ignoring the facts as he usually does

  6. Forced to resign to Arnab is right step of Times Now now I returned to watch the channel. I do not believe dalali of govt. Channel should me free to give a clear picture of govt. for welfare of the country. Don’t make opinion as you wish for ones personal gain. Don’t impose your personal view. Let true policy put before the nation so that people know their govt.

  7. What rubbish reporting. You need not be a camcha of your boss. Your need to have independent views and you should appreciate him for that. He is not shameless like your barka and Raj deep.

  8. First of all, I seriously wonder the intentions behind the language of this report. It gives an impression that the reporter is pushing hard to prove that Arnab was forced to quit. It shows that the reporter is really happy about it. Congratulations!

    However, think about what journalism means? does it mean that you report something based on what your boss likes or whether you decide what you want to report on? The way Arnab has been doing journalism, I am not surprised seeing people cheering at his resignation. Everyone knows what cozy relationship mainstream media has with politicians. In this scenario when someone raises tough questions, he is silenced. As a journalist yourself (I assume) don’t you think it is a shame on the whole journalist community?

    I am sure Arnab will find a way to do good things. I know that people will try to crush him. But, he will find a voice and an audience that will rally behind him. In the meanwhile, you can have your bit of joy.

  9. It is nothing surprise that the competition for No.1 News Channel has taken away the quality of Times Now. As it is clear that Arnab Goswami has become an agent of BJP with his soft approach towards PM and his BJP partymen as against aother parties and groups. He is unfit for true journalism.


  11. I don’t know about others but It requires lot of hard to reach at this level and lots of guts required to speak like Arnab on national media and have a independent opinion channel should have respected this but owners have there own egos. Anyway we are going to miss Arnab and wish God makes better opportunities for him and see him soon bounce back best of luck

  12. The kind of Yellow Journalism he pushed, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. I doubt anybody is more capable than him !!xx?

  13. I personally like his democratic and secular ideologies but to appease Indian communal forces, he has taken wrong steps to question secular minded people and intentionally branded some known personalities as terrorist gang leaders.
    I respectfully remind Arnab that, ” too much is too bad”

  14. Finally the Third World War is over. Peace at last……………feeling relaxed now. But my health failed because of damn *hit arguments that I used to watch at 9PM. Freedom of speech does mean, any bull shit can speak to fulfill his heart at the cost of others. My Lord, remember I prayed, cried, pleaded and even broke in front of you to get me such a day. Finally you have done it, just done it. This is the greatest day in history of Mankind and should be carved on Stones indicating this is greatest favour done by GOD Himself interfering with destiny and saving so many citizens who watch media with belief and expectation. Till now it was “every dog has its day” from now on “Every day now will have its dog”.


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